Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! This year's Christmas didn't have the best weather, but that didn't stop my cousins from being outside nearly all day. I spent Christmas at home with my family.

I awoke earlier than most of my family but once they were all awake, along with my cousins and brother, I ran over to the tree and waited. Soon everyone was ready and we were able to open our presents. I received sunglasses, jewelery, but mostly arts and crafts tools. I also got a lot of chocolate.

I had such a fun day playing with my new things. I really enjoyed being at home unwrapping presents and receiving them. It was also great seeing peoples reactions to their presents! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Monday, December 16, 2013


Last week Point England School was visited by a group of people from The Variety Club, MOTAT and Johnson and Johnson. They surprised the school with sacks full of presents wrapped up for each kid. Every one of us received a gift and for that we would like to thank them. Of course the presents were perfect as they were buying things for people they didn't even know. But I really appreciate how they took the time to buy us presents for Christmas.

We would like to say a humongous thank you for the presents. Once again I would like to thank The Variety Club, MOTAT and Johnson and Johnson for the great presents. I’m sure everyone will cherish and treasure their gifts given. This surprise definitely made someone’s day. My present was a memo board. THANK YOU!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was one of the greatest men ever known for being the first black president and also for his ways in changing and making the world a better place. He protested against racism and put an end to apartheid. These are some things that he will definitely be remembered for.

Nelson Mandela was born on July the 18th, 1918 in Mveso, Transkei, South Africa. But he was actually named Rolihlahla Mandela then was called Nelson from his primary school teacher. The primary school he attended was near Qunu. When he was 16, Nelson went to Clarkebury Boarding Institute in Engcobo. He then enrolled at the University College of Fort Hare in Alice but was then expelled a year later for being involved in a student strike.

A few years later in 1942, Nelson joined the African National Congress (ANC) and started to attend their meetings. He played the role of South Africa’s main campaigner for equality but was also involved in the ANC Youth League (ANCYL). A while later, in 1960 the ANC was banned.

Nelson joined 155 others in an arrest and was put on trial for treason in the year 1956. Then in 1962 he was arrested and sentenced to 5 years in prison for leaving the country without a passport. One of the reasons he left was for military training. The first time he appeared in court was with other members of the ANC for being accused of trying to stop the apartheid. He pleaded not guilty but was sentenced to life in jail. All except 2 spent only 18 years instead of lifetime in jail. Nelson was sent to Robben Island for his sentence.

After 27 years of being in prison Nelson Mandela was released in 1990. A few hours after his release, he promised that he would end the apartheid. 
On the May 9th, 1994, Nelson Mandela was elected as the first president of a democratic South Africa.
That same year the ANC was unbanned and he was elected as the Deputy President.

In his later years of his life, he was mainly discharged and admitted time after time into hospital. He spent his 95th birthday in hospital with his family then died on the 5th of December 2013.

Nelson Mandela made a huge difference in the world and that his message definitely reached everyone. He will be remembered by everyone.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Action World

Here is a clip from one of my jousts against my friend, Gloria.

Action World was such an entertaining place to visit. Filled with inflatable attraction’s this visit was planned as a fun day out. It definitely got some of us year sevens out of our comfort zone with the many activities there.

The thing that challenged me the most was the high rope as I wanted to see how far I could get. Climbing up the ladder, I reached the top and waited for the wind to stop blowing. I stepped on to the rope and looked calmly at the other side. Wobbling, I walked slowly with my arms spread out trying to keep my balance. Unfortunately, I fell off around half way nearly every time.

Jousting against my friend’s on the jousting bridge was probably my favourite part of the entire thing. Even though I ended up losing most of the jousts, I still had plenty of fun. The jousting took a while especially if it was my friends and I against each other.

I never really mastered the Jungle Swings as every time I attempted to complete it, I would always fall as my hands would slip off. I guessed it was the nerves making my hands sweaty. Since I didn't get as far as the fourth swing, I didn't get a chance to try to the trapeze (I probably wouldn't have tried the trapeze anyway).

Action World is a place that I would absolutely visit again as it is a great and entertaining place everyone can try. I didn't want to leave and neither did anyone else...That’s how much fun we had!

Netbook Reflection 2013

Having a netbook has been a great help in my learning, not only at school but also outside of school. When browsing the internet with my netbook, I get to learn new things, entertain myself and improve my work.

Being the year 7 I am now means that I have had my netbook for around 3 years and in those years I have learnt a lot. Especially from my past few teachers. Recently my current teacher (Miss King) introduced us to a website called Scratch, where we can create and share mini games.

Another great thing is that with the help of my netbook and internet, I am able to teach myself new things. Such as learning new dances, how to play instruments and more way’s to create movies and animations.

Thinking, Managing myself, Participating, Visual Images and text and Working with others are all part of the key competencies and by using this tool I have grown in them. Especially in working with others as we can easily share and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Managing self is also easier as we can view the class site to keep on task.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Static Image

For literacy, we had to choose a static image and answer a few questions about it. We also had to explain what we thought static images were.

Static Images are photos that do not move. They can be images, paintings, signs, posters or any visual object that doesn't move.

Describe what the photo is about: The photo is about a lonely/isolated tree that has grown in the sea.
How does the photo make you feel? It makes me feel good to see a simple but nice view.

What is your interesting/unique about your photo? The photo is nice and simple but effective and it seems as it is a mirrored image. It also stands out among the blue sea.

Monday, November 25, 2013

I Wonder.....

I wonder....When was school invented? Our task was to create a movie answering a question that people may ask when doing everyday activities. Gloria and I created a movie that answered the question...When was school invented?

Extension I Wonder School from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Thrust Investigation

In Term 2, the extension Group held an investigation. The investigation was used to figure out which balloon glided fastest. We did 3 investigations. Each of them were different.We would change either the length of the straw or the size of the balloon. We experimented the changes and then drew the experiment. Here are a few screen shots.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Kia Ora Koutou
Greetings to you all

E ngā manuhiri tuārangi, ngā tauira, kaiako, kaumātua,
To our distinguished guests, students, teachers, elders

kua hui mai nei
who have gathered here

ki tenei wahi
to this place

ki te mau mai
to bring

i nga whakaaro pai me te aroha
the good thoughts and the love

Ka nui
te koa
Great is the happiness

mo to koutou kaha
for your support

ki te aro mai
in attending

ki te hapai
to uplift

i nga take
the matters/subjects

e pa ana ki tenei hui
concerning this gathering

Tēnā koutou
Greetings to you all

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa
Therefore greetings once, greetings twice, greetings again to us all.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Aspirations

On Thursday, the intermediate group got the opportunity to meet and hear from some inspirational people that had turned their dreams into reality. We gathered into the hall for a Future Aspiration Speech with our guests, Mosa, Emma, Aysha, Tristan and Caine.

Twelve years old and heading off to university next year is the young Tristan Pang. His passion is science and maths. He believes that being nosy is good and that “Quest if Fun!”

Mosa was an amazing speaker and his words were inspiring. He was really funny and just like the other speakers he told us about his dream and how he got there. He said we were pretty lucky to have the technology we have. His dream was to become a politic so he can change the lives for Maori and Polynesian families. “Chase your dream and catch it” was his motto.

Since I love travelling, I aspire to be a travelling journalist when i’m older. Hearing from these people was amazing, I think it will help me to pursue my dream.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Maths Activity: How Many Goats?

Here is another Maths Activity. This is a stop-motion video that hopefully shows how we worked out and how we found the answer. Sorry if you cannot exactly understand our method.
Kaycee and Tylas Maths from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Maths Activity: How Much Profit?

Here is another Maths Activity. This presentation shows you the equation and how we solved it. We hope you understand our strategy!

Maths Activity: Petals Around The Rose

Here is a game called Petals Around the Rose. We quickly learnt how to play it and hopefully you will be able to understand the game just from watching our movie! ENJOY!
Untitled from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maths Activity: Count the Triangles

Here is another Maths Question from our Challenge. It is the second activity my partner and I have
done. For this question, we had to count the triangles.

Maths Activity 1: Only 3 Moves

Maths Triangle from Team 5 PES on Vimeo

Miss King gave us a challenge where we had to answer questions, create DLO's for them and post it them on our blog. My partner, Tyla-Marie and I have started with this question. Here is a quick movie showing you how to turn this triangle 180 degrees using only 3 moves. This is only one of quite a few. Hope you enjoy our first video.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Extension

Here is a quick list of what I notice around Halloween time. 

People give out treats.
Dress Up
Jack O lanterns
“Scary” Costumes and Decorations
Evil Characters
“Trick Or Treat”
Toffee Apples
Going around asking for lollies
Horror Theme
Junk Food
Haunted Theme
Crazy Costumes and Decorations
Day of the Dead

And here is something about what I think Halloween is a little bit about.

Halloween is a time where everyone dresses up to go ‘Trick Or Treating’ Most people tend to dress up in crazy costumes and pretend to act like dead and evil characters. It seems that people are celebrating the death of people.

Now time for a few things that I have learnt about.

The saying ‘Trick Or Treat’ first came from people who asked for soul cakes. It started on All Souls Day when priests asked Christians to pray for the souls that had been stuck in another world, Purgatory. A netherworld that was in between Heaven and Hell. In return for prayers for souls in Purgatory, bakers would give soul cakes. If enough people prayed for one soul, they might have a chance at getting out. 

On May the 13th, Romans believed that the dead would rise. To prevent this from happening, they would pour milk and offer cakes. This was called Lemuria. After time passed, Lemuria, was christianised into All Saints Day. All Saints day was a day where they would acknowledge the holy and dead christians. Then later on, this day was actually moved to November the 1st as it was a big success. It was also moved to suck the life out of the Samhain Harvest Festival.

The name Samhain Harvest Festival changed to All Hallows Evening as it was the night before All Hallows Day. All Hallows Evening then changed to All Hallows Eve, then finally Halloween.

There was also a Celtic Calendar that has not only a light side but also a dark side. Celtic people would celebrate a festival called Samhain.

So there's a little bit of information about how Halloween came about.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Four Shot Storyboard - Thirsty?

Kaycee and Gloria A girl is thirsty (dehydrated) and is crawling on the ground. Finds someone sitting next to a hose, runs after the hose and finds that the hose stops. 

By Gloria and Kaycee

KG 4 Shot Thristy from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, October 21, 2013

What I think Halloween is about!

On Wednesday I listed some things that I have noticed around Halloween time. 

People give out treats.
Dress Up
Jack O lanterns
“Scary” Costumes and Decorations
Evil Characters
“Trick Or Treat”
Toffee Apples
Going around asking for lollies
Horror Theme
Junk Food
Haunted Theme
Crazy Costumes and Decorations


And here is quick paragraph about what I think Halloween is about.

Halloween to me is a time where everyone dresses up to go ‘Trick Or Treating’ Most people tend to dress up in crazy costumes and pretend to act like dead and evil characters. It seems that people are celebrating the death of people.


Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holiday that is celebrated on November the first. People used to celebrate this event, and some still, by dressing up in costumes and lighting a bonfire. This was supposed to ward off the spirits.

Now, most people celebrate this event by dressing up as ‘scary’ characters. They also go knocking on doors, asking for lollies by saying “Trick or Treat!”

Halloween was not the original name for this event. It originated as All Saints Day but as years passed, the name, All Saints Day turned to All Hallows Eve. Nowadays we call it Halloween.

People believed that the night before Halloween, October the 31st, Samhain would summon spirits, witches and wicked souls. Since these people were afraid of the spirits they chose to sacrifice to their gods, hoping that this would protect them. On that day, they believed that they were surrounded by witches, spirits, souls, ghosts and much more that came to hurt them.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kiwi Valley

During the holidays, I visited a place out in Henderson called Kiwi Valley. For those who don't know what Kiwi Valley is, it is a farm with many animals to interact with. It is very good for younger kids and animals lovers such as myself.

As soon as I walked in, I had already spotted some baby animals. There were lambs, piglets, bunnies and rabbits being looked after in a nursery pen. While I was in the nursery pen, I learnt that one lamb, Yoda, ate hair and the other ate material. My brother and cousin had been enjoying most of their time with the bunnies on the lap, but finally, we got them to come with us to the next attraction.

After having a go at the maze we went for a ride with Farmer Ben on the tractor. He took us up on a hill where the view was great! You could see Rangitoto as well as the Skytower. We also saw a cow called Summer that had a white belt.

Everything was great but my highlight would've had to be the part where we got to ride on the horses/ponies. My brother, cousin and I, rode on the horses a few times. We rode the horses around a course many times. It was great!

Overall, I had a great time and I think that it's quite a good place to check out. If you want to know more about Kiwi Valley click here :

Monday, September 23, 2013

Outlook For Someday Workshop. Amamauls Studios

What a great opportunity it was to have two of the OUTLOOK FOR SOMEDAY representatives do a workshop with a class of students from Pt England School. It is definitely something worth remembering.

During the lesson, Elie and Chris taught us about the OUTLOOK FOR SOMEDAY as well as much much more including the variety of genre’s, the different shots and also the different angles.

Before we started we got into groups. In my group was Tyla, Lisia, Jorja and I. To start off, Elie and Chris introduced the competition itself. They explained how it works, how you can enter and what you can enter. They also showed us a few of the winning movie from the year before.

After this we were given some quotes, puzzle pieces and pictures. Then we chose one favourite and stood up to explain why we liked it. As soon as we finished that, we started to talk about some idea’s for a movie.

Once our planning was finished we got to create a movie ourselves. My group and I chose to make a quick movie about sustaining the environment.

So on behalf of the year 7 and 8 students from Pt England school, we thank you for teaching us skills and techniques that will definitely be worth remembering. Also thanks for the DVD!

Outlook for Someday Workshop@ Pt England School from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Here is the movie we made with Elie and Chris.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hexagonal Learning

Yesterday afternoon, our class did some hexagonal learning with Miss King. When doing Hexagonal Learning, you connect the hexagons that may have something to do with each other. For Example: Bread and Knife go together because the knife can cut the Bread. First, we did a very easy one. Then once we had finished that we split up into groups of 3 and started to make our own hexagons. Once we finished making our hexagons, we swapped with another group and tried to connect their's. Here is what we did and why.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SER Kaycee

IN extension we have been investigating what people think about the new improvement on our local streets. First, with a partner, we had to create a form to get our evidence. Then we had to make a movie to conclude what we found out. Here is my movie.

SER Kaycee from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Monday, August 12, 2013

John Farrell

John Farrell is not only an award-winning performing artist, but also a songwriter, author and peace educator. He has performed in the US, Canada, Ireland and Japan. He also likes to take time out to cycle, read and write. Also, he believes that people should spend more time talking, singing and reading with each other instead of having the TV in front of them the whole time. 

Along with his wife, Ann Marie, who is a Kindergarten teacher, he lives in Hillsdale, New York. They have five kids named Katien, Jack, Maggie, and twins Colleen and Patrick. 

Here are three of the books he has published as being an author. The first one is called, Dear Child, the second, Stargazers Alphabet and the last one is called, It's Just a Game.

I cannot wait until Thursday when we, the extension group, get to meet him up close!

Courtesy of

Friday, August 2, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Royal Baby: George Alexander Louis

Everywhere I go, I hear something about 'A Royal Baby' For a while I had NO idea of what everyone was talking about. Literally. Why? Well because not many people in my family were talking about it and normally I hear stuff from them. Anyway... Just recently, Kate Middleton and Prince William have had there first child. A baby boy. They have also just revealed the Princes name. George Alexander Louis. 

Holiday Highlight: Part 1

So the holidays are about to end and to be honest, I wasn't very impressed with what I did really, ( Except for one little thing that happened ) Nothing much happened the first week, just a little trip to the mall. As for the second, I went............

SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING! Once again I got to enjoy the snow on Mt Ruapehu. But this time I got to get a look at the Turoa Ski Field. We were staying with a few friends at a house 20 minutes away from the snow! It was pretty cool and there were some beautiful views. 

On the second day, I was woken up by an earthquake! I was pretty surprised being it was the first earthquake I have ever felt! Two other people had been woken up by it too. So I went and sat with them. Anyway, back to the snow. Today we were going up the mountain, but first we hired our gears. Along with everyone else, except for Zane, I got skis. 

Soon we drove up to the mountain and when we reached the fourth parking spot we were above the clouds. There was an amazing view! In front of me there was a long line of clouds and just above them was the sun. After staring at it for a while we finally caught the shuttle to the Skiing and Snowboarding area. 

Straight away, I got on my gears and skied down the mountain. After a while I decided to try and get Gabi to do it and in the end she did! It was really fun and I bet it was a great experience for my cousin. Since he has never ever touched snow. Getting closer and closer to the Magic Carpet I slowed down and joined the line. I hadn't been on the Magic Carpet in a while now. It felt good to be back!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Red with a twist...

“Little Red? Little Red?” I heard my name echoing throughout the forest. Making my way over to a tall oak tree, I spotted a thin slit cutting through the bark. I ran my fingertips along the slit, when suddenly a golden reddish autumn leaf slowly floated down beside me. Instantly, I snatched it from the air. I pulled out my pen and wrote down a series of numbers across the leaf. Checking it twice, I slipped it into the slit on the tree.

Splitting open, the tree revealed a passage way. You’d think that nothing but wood and oak would be in a tree but surprisingly I found that the inside was lined with metal. There in front of me was a ladder leading downwards. Clutching on to the ladder I made my way down. I heard the tree door slamming shut and nothing but darkness filled the air.

Just as I reach the bottom of the ladder, once again I hear my name. “Little Red, we’ve been expecting you”, “Sorry, I’m late Director M. What do you want me to do now?” I asked unwillingly. “Well, we have recent reports that Wolves Incorporated have sent their best agent, BBW the Big Bad Wolf on a killing spree, so I said to myself, why don’t we send our best agent to do the job.” “UGH! Really? Fine, where was he last spotted?”.

Director M hands me a file containing all the information I needed to catch BBW. I take it, grab my red cloak and hood and head off. “Good Luck” says Director M. “Not gonna need it” I say while grabbing my gadgets.

Creeping through the woods, I see wolf prints in the grass and claw marks scratched against every tree. I follow the trees and find myself standing in front of my granny’s little old cottage. Out of nowhere, it started to pour rain, the clouds were dark and grey, the raindrops were like sharp daggers piercing through my back.

I walk up to the red door, the red paint was clearly peeling off. Mold and weeds were growing through the cracks. KNOCK! KNOCK! I knock on the door. “Huh” I chuckle. It had been a long time since I’ve been there. 5 years ago, I was visiting her when the big bad wolf nearly ate her alive, luckily I was there to save her..  

KNOCK! KNOCK! Once again, I knock but it’s practically pounding now. Still no answer. In my frustration, I kick down the door. The unbelievable sight startled me, there in front of me on his knees was the wolf feasting upon my granny’s limp lifeless body.

His claws were sharp like knives. Slowly walking up behind him, his long ears twitched. Immediately, his head creeks towards to me. Growling at my presence, he opens his mouth and blood drops from each one of his teeth. I whip my cloak off and reveal all my guns. In my hand I held two guns pointing directly at him.

“I’ll shoot and I’ll shoot and I’ll blow your head off” I scream. Bullets started seeking through his huge body. “Grrrrr” he growls lying on his back. He jumps back on his feet and jumps on me, making me drop my guns. Using his claws, he attempted to slit my throat but I held his claws from reaching me. Stretching my arm, I reach for my gun. Struggling to hold the wolf and get the gun at the same time, the wolf managed to scratch my face..


By Gloria and Kaycee

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SER Research Form

Recently in extension, we have made a form that we want people from Pt England School to fill out. It is for our research around SER streets. (Self Explaining Streets) We would like to find out what you think about these streets. Here is the link. Thanks!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Travis and Sensei Chang: The Misunderstanding

With wind blowing against his back, Travis stretched his aching arms and grabbed onto a ledge of the treacherous mountain. Struggling to the reach the point of his destination, his straining arm slipped off the unsteady rocks that were bound to break. He reached the top of the lofty peak, felt so relieved. “Finally” Travis thought to himself as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Trudging through the thick snow, he made his way up the icy steps to find a hefty door. He lifted his hand and knocked. Clanking chains echoed throughout the dojo. Creaking open, there before Travis’s eyes stood a very tall Sensei Chang.

Travis stood there speechless, twiddling with his fingers. To show respect, he bowed and smiled. The sensei stood there with one eyebrow raised. Travis felt as if Chang was staring into his soul, his penetrating stare petrified him. Then the sensei pointed away to his right ever so strictly. SLAM! The door closed shut.

Disappointed, Travis’s shoulder drooped and his head fell. Looking down to the ground, he closed his eyes and sat down.  “He just doesn’t realize how awesome I really am, I just have to prove it” thought Travis. Day and night, he meditated until he opened one eye and peeped a look. Standing there in front of him was the sensei. Travis felt so much more confident, he was definitely expecting to get in. But to his surprise, once again Chang pointed to the right side of him.

“What a waste of my time” Travis whispered to himself. With his head held down he stood up and dragged himself away.  Looking out to the huge mountains, he then realizes something. “I did not just climb these huge big mountain and meditate all day and night to find myself being rejected by an old long bearded man”. Clenching his fists, he turned around and BAM! He kicked the door down and stepped back into position.

Sensei Chang couldn’t believe what just had happened. In his martial arts stance, he challenged Chang. Once again, the Sensei instantly pointed to his right. Taking the chance to look where he was pointing, Travis saw a sign that read: Use side entrance. “Oh” Travis released. “Hehe” he chuckled, embarrassed.


By Kaycee and Gloria

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Short Narrative

It was a cold, dark and gloomy night. I stumbled upon an abandoned hut deep in the heart of the forest. I was just about to enter the hut when suddenly I hear a crackling sound behind me.

Scared to find out what it was I flicked on my torch and slowly turned around. Finding that there were two small eyes staring right at me, I tried to stay as still as a stick. “It could be anything” I thought to myself.

The creature stood and stared for at least five minutes before it decided to walk closer to me. Making my nerves shiver up my spine, I slowly stepped back towards the hut.

“Just stay calm” I repeated to myself “Just stay calm”. The small creature was still walking towards me before it suddenly stopped and screeched at the sound of a branch snapping. “It was only me” I whispered.

Taking no more chances to with this small creature, I decided to shine the light to find out what it was. Slowly pointing the torch towards the small eyes I gasped to find that it was just a lost and scared baby bear.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Road to Healthy Heaven

Miss King gave us a task where we had to create something either a painting, movie, etc. We chose to do a painting and here it is. It is a message to the community about healthy food, and good choices!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Remake

This is a remake of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together created by Gloria, Tyla-Marie and I. Playing the role of Taylor Swift is one of my friends Tyla and playing the ex-boyfriend is Logan. Also, some of our other friends helped us with other bits. Anyway, hope you enjoy!