Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Samoan Disaster

In a small village in Samoa, three kids were getting ready for school. Sina, their mum, was doing Ana’s hair in a bun, but Ana really wanted it in a plait. She was also trying to get the boys, Niko and Mika ready is well. At the same time she had to feed the baby. Suddenly, out of nowhere something happened.

Ana was ready to leave when an earthquake hit, these weren’t uncommon, so everyone soon got back to their morning routine. Walking along the beach to school, Ana noticed that the water was quickly going out, out so far that they could see the reef.

Shouting out to her brothers, there in front of her was the biggest wave she had ever seen! Niko grabbed Ana’s arm and yelled TSUNAMI. They ran to a hill and climbed and climbed until Ana was pulled away by the water. Her brother found a branch and held tightly to it while he pulled Ana to safety.

Luckily after the tragedy causing the tsunami wave, everyone was safe and together. That night they slept on a woven mat far away from the sea and their home.

This story is based on a true disaster that happened in 2009.

Friday, September 21, 2012

PES Olympics

Finally the day had come! Making my way out to the court I could see a line for my country... JAMAICA. As I sat down, I could hear everyone chanting out their country’s. Just like the real olympics we marched around the court and as soon as we finished the march, THE GAMES BEGUN!

Entering the hall, I looked around and suddenly knew that we were playing Sitting Volleyball. We split up into 2 groups and sat down. Not long after us another country arrived and they were France. Tyla was in this team. “Hit it!” I heard someone shout. Without warning the ball was heading straight for me, I didn’t manage to hit it. Soon I was the server. It hit it towards Tyla and she hit it back to someone in my team. It went back and forth a few time until someone won the point. Overall the score was 4-5 to France. I hoped our next event would be better.

There were many events like, Touch, 3 Legged Soccer, Basketball and more! Soon we got to play rounders which is like Cricket and Baseball. We had to kick a ball and then run to the base. Unfortunately I didn’t get around. Someone got me out when I was just about to get a home run! When the game finished we scored 10 points for sportsmanship. I don’t know if we won or not.

I had a really fun day and I can’t wait to have another sports day like this.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Where is Chris?!

It was a sunny day and Danny, Emily and Chris decided to go camping at the beach. When they asked their mum she was shocked and instantly said NO. They had no idea why mum was so strict about this.
One night, they snuck out of the house with camping gear, hoping their trip would be worth the risk of getting in trouble, but they didn't know what they were in for. As they walked closer to the beach, more and more excitement grew. Suddenly, all in a flash the kids had reached the beach and realised something had gone wrong. Someone was missing.

Chris must have run off, while they were walking. Danny quickly pulled out his phone and frantically started dialing, until he noticed, no signal. Emily instantly realised this was a very big mistake. “Think!” she thought to herself.

There was nothing else to do but to tell their parents, so they followed the tracks back to their house. Along the way there were many obstacles but that didn’t stop them from getting back home. Arriving at the doorstep, Emily pushed open the door ran to her parents room and found that no one was there.

In the end they did find their parents and Chris and from then on they listened to their mum and dad.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry

Here is a video of the Samoan Group who were taught by Mrs Tuala.
I have been at Pt England School ever since I was five. That mean's I have known Miss Verry ever since I started. Today the assembly was special. It was a farewell assembly for Mrs Verry. She has helped out with all sorts of things at our school. She has been at our school for a long long time and sadly, she will now be leaving. So bye Miss Verry and THANKS FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE! We hope you have a great retirement time and we will never forget you! 
Farewell Mrs Verry! And...
Savalivali means go for a walk
Tautalatala means too much talk

Alofa ia te oe means I love you

Take it easy, faifai lemu

Thanks to Nations Encyclopedia for the photo!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Duffy Books!!!

 Here are my Duffy books that I got from the great people at Buckland's Beach Lions Club. I chose 2 books which are called "Cherry Blossom Adventure" and "Stego-Snottysaurus". 

Cherry Blossom Adventure is written by the well known Thea Stilton. Geronimo Stilton's sister. It's about 5 girls named Nicky, Colette, Violet, Paulina and Pamela going to China on a cultural exchange program. While they are there a special item is stolen from their friends family. The question is, will they be able to find the thief?...

The other book I got is Stego-Snottysaurus and it is written by Kyle Mewburn and Donovan Bixley. It is about a boy named Arg. He try's to stop a dinosaur from having the flu. He has to find a solution or else!



Here is a mind map I created on Freemind.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Duffy Assembly

Yesterday we had a visitor come to our Duffy assembly. Her name is Jo Holley. You may have heard of her because she is a T.V presenter and has been on Squirt, Sione’s 2, ITM Fishing, Crowd Goes Wild and more!

Entering the hall, I could see 2 guys who were Ronn and Austin from the Bucklands Beach Lions Club. It was a while before she came so we sang some songs. When she did turn up, she told us that she got lost and drove around the roundabout 5 times. While she was here she told us about reading and how it’s important. She explained that she had to be able to read so she could read her script.

Once she was done with her story Mr J started handing out the duffy books. He started at 23 and 24 (The new entrant classes) then 1 and upwards. Then Jo Holley said she would sign some of our books. Unfortunately we weren’t opening our books today. We had to wait until tomorrow.

Soon the assembly ended and everyone went back to class. I couldn’t wait to get my books.... tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How To Make A Paper Box

Step 1: Fold the paper so it makes quarters. Then unfold it.

Step 2: Fold the long edges into the middle crease then unfold.

 Step 3: Next fold the short edges into the middle crease and leave it there.

Step 4: Then fold the corners to the nearest crease like this.

Step 5: Fold back the edges in the middle so that they cover the corners.

Step 6: Open it up and pinch the sides and....

Step 7: Your done!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Marae 80th

During the weekends, we went up to Te Kuiti for my mum's aunty Georgie’s 80th birthday. We went along with my cousins (Tahu and TuAriki) and aunty (Alice). It was quite a long trip.

Arriving at the marae, it started pouring down with rain. As we hopped out, my aunty (and more) pulled up behind us. We got out and speed walked to the wharenui for a powhiri. Soon after the powhiri we gathered into the wharekai to have some lunch.

Along with my cousins we sat down at the kids table and ate. I sat in there with my mum until I noticed my cousin, brother and aunty had gone. Walking towards the wharenui, I could hear them running around.

Even though we had no T.V. or any internet we still had such an entertaining night, thanks to my cousin Kahu ( and no I didn’t make a mistake and put a “K” instead of a “T”) He is a real energetic kid and he’s quite naughty. Anyway to keep us entertained he danced to... ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’ and it was a show alright.

It was full of funny things, crying moments and more funny things. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell all the best moments but I can tell you one thing, I can’t wait until my next road trip!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thai Fish Cakes!

Have you ever tasted Thai Fish Cakes?

Our Year 5 & 6 Extension Group entered a competition called Let's Cook With Parmco. Each week there is a different meal to  make a you can probably guess what we had to make this time! That's right! Thai Fish Cakes!

Firstly we got into groups and in my group was (from left to right) Jouan, Tyla-Marie , Iron, Gloria, Sela and me! Making this was very easy but that's because I didn't do much (I was taking photos). But it did look easy from what I was doing.

If I could make this for my family I would. My mum has been telling me to make it!

This is a link to the recipe: Click Here
And this is a link to where you can vote:VOTE FOR US!!!

Meeting Tommy Kapai Wilson/Uncle Anzac

At assembly this morning we had a special visitor come. His name is Tommy Kapai Wilson. Many people know that he is an New Zealand Author and writes the well known Kapai Pukapuka (books). But on the books he’s Uncle Anzac. I guess you could say that’s his Author name.

He was brought up in a family of 11 kids! And he was one of them. One day he was told that he had a gift, and that gift was writing. As he grew older he had many different jobs. He was a dishwasher (his first ever job) a butler, a  magazine editor and more!

This morning he and his bro’s came to our school. While we were at the assembly he read us a book called ‘The Day I Met A Princess’. It is such a good book! There is one particular page in the book that has a very special meaning to his his family. Sorry but you’ll have to read the book for yourself to find what it is. Also he told us that war is dumb, everyone has a gift and if you make 10 people smile a day you’ll have a great life.

Anyway, I had the chance to meet Tommy himself. Well not really but some of the extension students had the chance to do a workshop with him. With our netbooks we started planning what our story would look like.

Firstly, the title: The Ancient Touchstone Of Pt England. We then planned what would be included. We planned 7 different things that we would have. After this we went outside to have a look around at some things we had included and where we could place the touchstone.

Meeting the Author of the Kapai books was a real pleasure for me. I have to say Kapai’s Kiwi Holiday is my personal favourite. Remember... War is dumb, everyone has a gift and if you make 10 people smile a day you’ll have a great life.