Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Duffy Assembly

Yesterday we had a visitor come to our Duffy assembly. Her name is Jo Holley. You may have heard of her because she is a T.V presenter and has been on Squirt, Sione’s 2, ITM Fishing, Crowd Goes Wild and more!

Entering the hall, I could see 2 guys who were Ronn and Austin from the Bucklands Beach Lions Club. It was a while before she came so we sang some songs. When she did turn up, she told us that she got lost and drove around the roundabout 5 times. While she was here she told us about reading and how it’s important. She explained that she had to be able to read so she could read her script.

Once she was done with her story Mr J started handing out the duffy books. He started at 23 and 24 (The new entrant classes) then 1 and upwards. Then Jo Holley said she would sign some of our books. Unfortunately we weren’t opening our books today. We had to wait until tomorrow.

Soon the assembly ended and everyone went back to class. I couldn’t wait to get my books.... tomorrow!

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