Friday, April 11, 2014

Six Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a young ugly wolf. He lived in the shadows of the gloomy woods. The wolf was a professional master of disguise. One day, he was mistaken as a criminal due to his appearance and choice of disguise. He wanted people to think good of him though. So he finally gave up disguise’s and decided to not care about what others thought.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Speed Writing

This morning we completed a Speed Writing Challenge. In just 10 minutes we were expected to write about Tiaki Taonga. Then we were given 5 minutes to pair share and proof read. 

Tiaki Taonga basically means caring. Caring for our people, our school, our successes and our most treasured. And since Tiaki Taonga is our big idea for the year, we decided to dedicate one week to kindness. Because to be kind is great! We called it R.A.K. Week or Random Acts Of Kindness Week.

During the week quite a few kids complimented each other and introduced themselves to one another. But it wasn’t just the kids that showed that they cared. Teachers participated too.

To finish the week off a few kids stood at the entrance gates and welcomed kids to school.

They also handed out lollies, complimented people and wished them a great day.