Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

I enjoyed 2012 and thought it was a blast but now it's time to begin 2013! Many people all over the world celebrate the new year with fireworks and family tradition, but this year we decided to keep it simple with a party, some glow in the dark stuff and the family. It was an awesome time! I hope you enjoyed your 2012!

Taupo Bay

Have you ever woken up to a burning hot morning and said to yourself "Oh my gosh... Can we go for a swim!?" Well for the past few days that's exactly what I have been thinking. That's why, I was glad there was a beach not far from where we were, called Taupo Bay.

Just so you know, Taupo Bay is a magnificent beach not far from Totara North. It's sandy, like each one should be, it has a delightful breeze, some awesome waves and of course cooling water to calm everyone's burning hot bodies.

Arriving near the beach you could see the amazing view from the hill just before the beach. When we got down to the beach, Zane, TuAriki and I raced out with our boards and jumped in the water. As we got in, one wave bowled us over straight away.

Rushing out to the deeper end to catch the next wave, I saw Zane go under quite quickly. Luckily he came back up. Spending 3 hours at the beach that day wore us out and gave me sun stroke. But the next day we didn't go to the beach.

During the whole week we probably went to the beach 2 days and spent a good 6 hours swimming. After this we were burnt on our backs, shoulders, arms and face. Even though we got burnt it was such a great beach!