Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Wednesday the 6th of July we went to Motat to learn more about inventions. Did you know that M.O.T.A.T stands for Museum of Technology and Transportation. When we arrived at Motat we went to a place that we called the classroom because that’s where we ate our lunch. After we ate our morning tea, room 14 went and had a wonder around while room 13 stayed with Stacey.
The first place we went was the arcade games. They had Donkey-Kong, Street Fighter, Pac-Man and more! The games were so fun but unfortunately we only got a little bit of time to play the games.

Another place we went was the Mirror Maze! When I went in the Mirror Maze I collided into Jorja. I fell down. As I got back up I looked at the mirrors and noticed that there was endless reflections.

Suddenly we had to go back to the classroom and have some lunch. After we had lunch we went to the Tactile Dome!

Nervously arriving at the Tactile Dome, because I haven’t been in the Tactile Dome for a long time, I sat down next to Jorja. There were 2 people at the Tactile Dome explained how it was going to work. After that the first people to enter it was Tyla, Jonita, Porscha and Raeleen. Outside the Tactile Dome they had a speaker, so we could hear them. Jorja, Hayley, Ashlee and myself were probably the 7th or 8th people to go in. Nervously going into the pitch black maze I carefully made my way up and down the pitch black maze. (They were in front of us) Suddenly I stopped and said “Who’s that?”. The other girls started to scream! “Why do you have to scream!!” I yelled. “It’s only the boys”. Very loudly we caught up to the boys. This meant we had to wait a bit for them to get out of the way a bit. But I guess they were going the same way as us. While we were in there we had to go down slides, over nets, through tunnels and also once we went down a slide then came out on a soft mattress. Finally we made it through. I had FUN!!!

Telecommunication was the next place we went. Telecommunication was a place where they had lots of old phones and they had the morse code. You can even ring your next door neighbours number. There are lots of rotary phones.

Suddenly, again, we had to go back to the classroom and switch with room 13. So they went to wonder around and we went to another place with Stacey. We had to go to another place witch had a lot of old things that people accidentally made, made to solve a problem and made because of someone might have a passion for something. One thing one person made was a automatic vacuum. This was made to solve a problem. The problem was that you might have to go somewhere but you also have to do your vacuuming. This person made a do-it-yourself vacuum. It wasn’t that good though.

Soon it was time to go back to School. I had fun but it was a really long day. I learnt alot of different things when we went to Motat.

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