Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! This year's Christmas didn't have the best weather, but that didn't stop my cousins from being outside nearly all day. I spent Christmas at home with my family.

I awoke earlier than most of my family but once they were all awake, along with my cousins and brother, I ran over to the tree and waited. Soon everyone was ready and we were able to open our presents. I received sunglasses, jewelery, but mostly arts and crafts tools. I also got a lot of chocolate.

I had such a fun day playing with my new things. I really enjoyed being at home unwrapping presents and receiving them. It was also great seeing peoples reactions to their presents! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Monday, December 16, 2013


Last week Point England School was visited by a group of people from The Variety Club, MOTAT and Johnson and Johnson. They surprised the school with sacks full of presents wrapped up for each kid. Every one of us received a gift and for that we would like to thank them. Of course the presents were perfect as they were buying things for people they didn't even know. But I really appreciate how they took the time to buy us presents for Christmas.

We would like to say a humongous thank you for the presents. Once again I would like to thank The Variety Club, MOTAT and Johnson and Johnson for the great presents. I’m sure everyone will cherish and treasure their gifts given. This surprise definitely made someone’s day. My present was a memo board. THANK YOU!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was one of the greatest men ever known for being the first black president and also for his ways in changing and making the world a better place. He protested against racism and put an end to apartheid. These are some things that he will definitely be remembered for.

Nelson Mandela was born on July the 18th, 1918 in Mveso, Transkei, South Africa. But he was actually named Rolihlahla Mandela then was called Nelson from his primary school teacher. The primary school he attended was near Qunu. When he was 16, Nelson went to Clarkebury Boarding Institute in Engcobo. He then enrolled at the University College of Fort Hare in Alice but was then expelled a year later for being involved in a student strike.

A few years later in 1942, Nelson joined the African National Congress (ANC) and started to attend their meetings. He played the role of South Africa’s main campaigner for equality but was also involved in the ANC Youth League (ANCYL). A while later, in 1960 the ANC was banned.

Nelson joined 155 others in an arrest and was put on trial for treason in the year 1956. Then in 1962 he was arrested and sentenced to 5 years in prison for leaving the country without a passport. One of the reasons he left was for military training. The first time he appeared in court was with other members of the ANC for being accused of trying to stop the apartheid. He pleaded not guilty but was sentenced to life in jail. All except 2 spent only 18 years instead of lifetime in jail. Nelson was sent to Robben Island for his sentence.

After 27 years of being in prison Nelson Mandela was released in 1990. A few hours after his release, he promised that he would end the apartheid. 
On the May 9th, 1994, Nelson Mandela was elected as the first president of a democratic South Africa.
That same year the ANC was unbanned and he was elected as the Deputy President.

In his later years of his life, he was mainly discharged and admitted time after time into hospital. He spent his 95th birthday in hospital with his family then died on the 5th of December 2013.

Nelson Mandela made a huge difference in the world and that his message definitely reached everyone. He will be remembered by everyone.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Action World

Here is a clip from one of my jousts against my friend, Gloria.

Action World was such an entertaining place to visit. Filled with inflatable attraction’s this visit was planned as a fun day out. It definitely got some of us year sevens out of our comfort zone with the many activities there.

The thing that challenged me the most was the high rope as I wanted to see how far I could get. Climbing up the ladder, I reached the top and waited for the wind to stop blowing. I stepped on to the rope and looked calmly at the other side. Wobbling, I walked slowly with my arms spread out trying to keep my balance. Unfortunately, I fell off around half way nearly every time.

Jousting against my friend’s on the jousting bridge was probably my favourite part of the entire thing. Even though I ended up losing most of the jousts, I still had plenty of fun. The jousting took a while especially if it was my friends and I against each other.

I never really mastered the Jungle Swings as every time I attempted to complete it, I would always fall as my hands would slip off. I guessed it was the nerves making my hands sweaty. Since I didn't get as far as the fourth swing, I didn't get a chance to try to the trapeze (I probably wouldn't have tried the trapeze anyway).

Action World is a place that I would absolutely visit again as it is a great and entertaining place everyone can try. I didn't want to leave and neither did anyone else...That’s how much fun we had!

Netbook Reflection 2013

Having a netbook has been a great help in my learning, not only at school but also outside of school. When browsing the internet with my netbook, I get to learn new things, entertain myself and improve my work.

Being the year 7 I am now means that I have had my netbook for around 3 years and in those years I have learnt a lot. Especially from my past few teachers. Recently my current teacher (Miss King) introduced us to a website called Scratch, where we can create and share mini games.

Another great thing is that with the help of my netbook and internet, I am able to teach myself new things. Such as learning new dances, how to play instruments and more way’s to create movies and animations.

Thinking, Managing myself, Participating, Visual Images and text and Working with others are all part of the key competencies and by using this tool I have grown in them. Especially in working with others as we can easily share and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Managing self is also easier as we can view the class site to keep on task.