Friday, March 25, 2011

The School Picnic

Finally it was time to go to the reserve for our school picnic. As soon as we got there Mr Burt told us where we can play and where we can’t.
Hurrying down to the beach Jonita and I went to go fossicking for crabs. Balancing precariously I could feel myself starting to wobble, luckily I found a dry rock to hope on before I fell.We had found lots of small and big crabs so Jonita found a noodle bag for our crabs. Slowly manoeuvring around the rocks I tried to catch up to Jonita. When I caught up to her I tried to stay near her.We mostly looked underneath big sharp oyster shell rocks because that was were where we found our biggest crabs.Carefully balancing on the slippery rocks I was trying not to slip. Jonita found a big rock so we tipped it and there underneath it was a whole family of scuttling crabs plus some big ones.We showed some teachers all of the crabs, some were even trying to scuttle out. Since we had spent a lot of time hunting for crabs we decided to do something else.
Jonita, Tyla, Jorja and I went to go and make clay balls.We found a whole lot of clay so we started to shape bowls, balls, cannons and more.Me and Jorja made lots of bowl shapes and Tyla and Jonita made lots of big balls.
When we got back to our bags, we had some lunch.Sarona had some chips so we shared those.They were chicken flavored.
Our next game was Sack Races! We all found a sack and then 3,2,1 GO! Racing off Jonita and I both fell over not far from the starting line.Tyla would keep winning.When Rauf came he would keep losing.
We got to have karaoke but it was only short.Jonita had a turn and so did Mrs Vaafusuanga.
After karaoke it was time to go back to school.I sighed but I still had lots of fun!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swimarama Races

Hooray camp has started! For the first day of camp we went to Swimarama. People from different teams had got picked to race and i was picked.Finally the races were starting.The 9 year old girls were the first.Since there were only five 8 year olds we were in the finals.While I swam in backstroke I could see Mrs.King making movies of us.I came first in freestyle out of the three 8 year old girls and when it was time to do backstroke I came 3rd out of the all the 8 year olds.I was puffed after our races!. As soon as the races were finished it was time for play swimming.