Saturday, May 28, 2011

20 Hour Famine : Part 2, Game Night

When me and Tyla arrived we rushed quickly off to the library. That's where everyone was. We put our bags down and waited until Ms Tele'a came. She soon arrived.

"Ok, you guys are going to go in the ICT room" she said. We were waiting for a girl from the World Vision. While we waited we had to visit the World Vision site or post a blog post. We walked quietly down to the ICT room and found us a computer. We had to be in pairs. I wasn't in one, so I got the whole computer to myself, for a while. Suddenly Gloria came. We were now partners. I wrote a post. Soon everyone was huddling around Litia and Vivvienne's computer. "I wonder what their doing?" I said to Gloria. "Let's have a look" she replied. We walked over to their computer and had a look. They were playing on a website where you would take a photo and then edit it to make it look all funny. Their's was hillarious! A few minutes after that the lady came. When she arrived we got into 3 groups. Then we walked to the hall.

There she gave us our village names. Next she told us what our health and all that stuff. Our health came second out of 3. Soon it was time to play our games.

First was a course. We had to jump over a bread carton then crawl under some chairs the stand carefully on a chair while spinning then turn back, walk over the chairs and then jump. That was the first game.

The second game was a hunting one. We had to run around the hall loooking for rice. It was FUN! In each team one person had to be the mother while the rest of us seeked rice. No one managed to fill the whole cup. I mean it wasn't that big.

Finally the last game was a team game. We all had to work together. Each team got 3 feet with questions on them. The challenge was to be the first team to get over to the other side of the hall. for this challenge we did pretty good. I can't remeber who won though. The trick was 2 people per trip. In the end we did it.

Soon it was time to go back to the library. There we watched some little clips about who we are doing this for. After that it was time for the lady to leave. After she left we watched Hook. When it finished it was time for bed.

"Time to wake up!" yelled Mrs Tele'a. It was time to pack up and get all our stuff together. Once we did that we headed out to the breeze to wait for our parents. I had FUN!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

20 Hour Famine

A variety of people all round the world are particapating in the 40 hour famine. Tonight kids are here at school to discover what the other kids from the other side of the world have to deal with. We are going 20 hours with no food. We are also here to fundraise some money that will get donated to them. Another challenge that my friends and I set for ourselves is to try and not talk! It's been nearly a whole day and we haven't really succeeded. Some of us are really hungry.

Over on the other side of the world people don't have clean water and barely have enough food. So they are always hungry and thirsty. Most of the food they get are the food on the ground. Plus they can catch diseases from the food on the ground. That means they might die. But that isn't even half of the problem! Sometimes they have to eat raw food to survive and some of the food are rice. Have you ever had to eat raw food!? Well these people sometimes have to eat food to survive. Did you know that every day a kid dies! Well what would you do if you lived somewhere where you only got food 2-3 times a week. For Me, Horrible!

Well now you have got an example of what it would be like living with no food." Go hard out for the Hungry!"

By Gloria and Kaycee

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swim Time!

“Line up!” yelled Mrs Squires. It was time to go to swimming. As we walked to the pools we passed the Kindergarten, Basketball Hoop, the shops and the dirty river. Finally arriving at the Pools we quickly got changed and then carefully walked to the showers ( so we didn't fall over).

“ First in the pool is group A” said Mrs Squires. Me and Jorja walked over to the pool and grabbed a flutter board and then sat down, on the side of the pool.

As I jumped in the pool, the water was deliciously warm. Gliding under the water, I felt like a mermaid. Rising to the surface I started doing coordinated movements. My perseverance and determination started to drain out when I got near the end.

With steady strokes I scooped a lump of water that went flying into the air. While getting back into breathing position, I accidentally gulped a mouthful of water. Reaching the end, I felt exhausted and drained of energy that I just felt like clumping on to the chair. I thought I did well. I had fun though !

“Room 16!” yelled Mr Somerville. His class was going. Room 14 had to wait until Mrs Squires was going. We walked quickly back and ate our lunch. I was exhausted!

Do You Know How To Swim?

In order to survive around water, you need to know how to swim. It is important to be able to do coordinated movements, like steady strokes and powerful kicks. A key tip for steady strokes is to keep your arms straight and fingers together. It will help you scoop better. Also to be a successful swimmer you need to be able to know how to do your breathing position, for freestyle you would probably roll.

It is also essential to know how to float. Something to remember is to keep your stomach up. In backstroke you would have to float, so that is why this tip is handy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who Invented Chewing - Gum?

Have you ever wondered who invented Chewing Gum?
Well a man called Adam Smith was working with rubber in his factory. He also had a lump of chicle. Chicle comes from the sap of a rubbery gum tree. Adam decided just for fun to pop it in his mouth. He chewed it and chewed it but it still stayed whole.
Suddenly he got a bright Idea to heat up the chicle and add a mint flavour. He called it Chewing Gum.
In 1872 he started to sell it in a little factory. He tried to get the shop keepers to sell his Chewing Gum, but they refused. Since they didn't the Tooty Fruity company did. They sold it in slot machines. Now you can buy it at railways.
That's who made chewing gum and how it was made.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making Our Movie

“Hooray!”I said. Today we were going to start filming. Finally, Tyla and Calvin had sorted out what they were going to wear and we had finished most of our script. We still had to look for more.

For scene 1 we had to record Jonita ( the mum ) telling us it’s time to go to the museum. It took us a while because me and Jonita kept looking at the camera. Whoops. Unfortunately all the shots we did were like that. Too bad, I thought.

On day 2 tried to film as much as we could. “Wow, where are we?” we yelled ( but not too loud). It was a bit from 1 of our scenes. We had just arrived where we call the olden days, when Maori's were around. Soon Tyla and Calvin walk up to an old lady that I had been talking to. Soon the other group did their’s but they were doing a shooting scene so we did the noises.” shoo, pshoo” we laughed.

Day three. We filmed the rest of scene 2 and then moved on to scene 3. This time we filmed us going to Rangimarea’s( old lady ) whare/(house). We are still getting the rest done. I think we have done a good job. I can’t wait to finish it.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Immersion assembly for Term 2

“Look at Mrs Barks, she looks weird”, I said to Jorja. Mrs Barks was wearing a suit that looked like she was about to take a bee hive away from somewhere. We were having our Immersion Assembly, this is when we find out what topic we will be learning about. “I wonder what we will be learning about” whispered Jorja.
Soon after she whispered that we could hear gasping noises. “What’s that ?” I said to myself. Turning around we could see Mr Burt walking down the middle of the hall in a “Darth Vader” suit. ”Welcome back” Mr Burt wheezed in a grey voice. “We are learning about Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster”,a voice sounding like Mr Burt yelled, but actually didn't. After he was finished it was time for team 1 then team 2 and then team 3.
“Give a round of applause for Team 3!” cheered Mr Burt. Up on the stage was an enormous beaker. Team 3 were dressed as some Mad Scientists tossing in a multitude of ingredients when suddenly, out exploded Miss Walters dressed as foaming soap. They started to dance then Miss Lavakula did a rap of Justin Bieber, Babe Babe but instead the lyrics were Wash Your Hands.
“ That was cool “ whispered my friend. Soon it was time for team 4.
“ Now it’s time for team 5!” grinned Mr Burt. On the stage they had a table, seat and another table with lots of tools. Mr Barks was explaining things as the hairdressers (other teachers in team 5) did a little play. It was a Hair Salon. Mrs Nua was the customer. Mr Barks talked about the invention of scissors. While up on the stage the hairdressers used a variety of cutting tools. They were using hedge clippers, bolt cutters and wire snips. Mrs Nua looked worried. To dry Mrs Nua's hair at the end, Mr Harris and Mr Barks used a supersized hairdryer, with difficulty.” That was funny” I said to Jorja.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Holiday Sleepover

When I arrived at Tyla’s house she wasn’t there but her mum and aunty were. They were getting ready for John-Amour’s 6th Birthday. They had baked a cake that was supposed to look like a Bey Blade.
Finally Tyla, John-Amour and Memory were back from their Treasure Hunt. They had gone on the ‘Biggest Treasure Hunt Ever’! As soon as they got back we watched movies except for John-Amour he wanted to open his present. We watched Little Rascals. Soon it was time to eat.
Firstly John-Amour had to blow the candles out and then we got to eat. While everyone was eating the food on the table John-Amour was asking for cake and more of the other food. He got a massive piece of cake, but in the end he didn’t eat it.There were lots of sausages rolls, cocktails and some really nice curry and rice.
As soon as we finished we started to play Blind Man Bluff. First in was Tyla. “Ahhhhhh” I screamed because Tyla nearly got me. She was really good and she ended up tagging me. I was in. It took me a while to try a get someone, but finally I got Te Ana (Tyla’s cousin ) It took her awhile but in the end she got Kingston (Tyla’s cousin) While he was in he went to go get Tyla but he fell into the bed because the bed had no matress so he fell and banged his back in the metal part. It looked sore.
Soon we had a Disco of our own in Kaiden’s room (Tyla’s Brother). Te Ana came into the room and she had a flashlight on her phone so we used it. We turned the light off, turned on the music and the flashlight and Te Ana waved it while she danced! We were dancing for ages. Soon it was time for Te Ana and her sister to go. I felt tired.
When we were going to sleep we watched a movie but I fell asleep in the middle of it. When I woke up I saw that the movie was still on but then I realised it had started all over again.
The next morning everyone had woken up except for Kaiden. He was still sleeping.
For breakfast we had sausages. I had some curry and rice too. Soon I went withTyla and Kaiden to go get a haircut.We went down to G.I.
As soon as we arrived back it was time for me to go home.”Bye!” I yelled to Tyla while getting in the car. “I had a awesome time” I said to myself.