Friday, May 6, 2011

The Immersion assembly for Term 2

“Look at Mrs Barks, she looks weird”, I said to Jorja. Mrs Barks was wearing a suit that looked like she was about to take a bee hive away from somewhere. We were having our Immersion Assembly, this is when we find out what topic we will be learning about. “I wonder what we will be learning about” whispered Jorja.
Soon after she whispered that we could hear gasping noises. “What’s that ?” I said to myself. Turning around we could see Mr Burt walking down the middle of the hall in a “Darth Vader” suit. ”Welcome back” Mr Burt wheezed in a grey voice. “We are learning about Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster”,a voice sounding like Mr Burt yelled, but actually didn't. After he was finished it was time for team 1 then team 2 and then team 3.
“Give a round of applause for Team 3!” cheered Mr Burt. Up on the stage was an enormous beaker. Team 3 were dressed as some Mad Scientists tossing in a multitude of ingredients when suddenly, out exploded Miss Walters dressed as foaming soap. They started to dance then Miss Lavakula did a rap of Justin Bieber, Babe Babe but instead the lyrics were Wash Your Hands.
“ That was cool “ whispered my friend. Soon it was time for team 4.
“ Now it’s time for team 5!” grinned Mr Burt. On the stage they had a table, seat and another table with lots of tools. Mr Barks was explaining things as the hairdressers (other teachers in team 5) did a little play. It was a Hair Salon. Mrs Nua was the customer. Mr Barks talked about the invention of scissors. While up on the stage the hairdressers used a variety of cutting tools. They were using hedge clippers, bolt cutters and wire snips. Mrs Nua looked worried. To dry Mrs Nua's hair at the end, Mr Harris and Mr Barks used a supersized hairdryer, with difficulty.” That was funny” I said to Jorja.

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