Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swim Time!

“Line up!” yelled Mrs Squires. It was time to go to swimming. As we walked to the pools we passed the Kindergarten, Basketball Hoop, the shops and the dirty river. Finally arriving at the Pools we quickly got changed and then carefully walked to the showers ( so we didn't fall over).

“ First in the pool is group A” said Mrs Squires. Me and Jorja walked over to the pool and grabbed a flutter board and then sat down, on the side of the pool.

As I jumped in the pool, the water was deliciously warm. Gliding under the water, I felt like a mermaid. Rising to the surface I started doing coordinated movements. My perseverance and determination started to drain out when I got near the end.

With steady strokes I scooped a lump of water that went flying into the air. While getting back into breathing position, I accidentally gulped a mouthful of water. Reaching the end, I felt exhausted and drained of energy that I just felt like clumping on to the chair. I thought I did well. I had fun though !

“Room 16!” yelled Mr Somerville. His class was going. Room 14 had to wait until Mrs Squires was going. We walked quickly back and ate our lunch. I was exhausted!

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