Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Holiday Sleepover

When I arrived at Tyla’s house she wasn’t there but her mum and aunty were. They were getting ready for John-Amour’s 6th Birthday. They had baked a cake that was supposed to look like a Bey Blade.
Finally Tyla, John-Amour and Memory were back from their Treasure Hunt. They had gone on the ‘Biggest Treasure Hunt Ever’! As soon as they got back we watched movies except for John-Amour he wanted to open his present. We watched Little Rascals. Soon it was time to eat.
Firstly John-Amour had to blow the candles out and then we got to eat. While everyone was eating the food on the table John-Amour was asking for cake and more of the other food. He got a massive piece of cake, but in the end he didn’t eat it.There were lots of sausages rolls, cocktails and some really nice curry and rice.
As soon as we finished we started to play Blind Man Bluff. First in was Tyla. “Ahhhhhh” I screamed because Tyla nearly got me. She was really good and she ended up tagging me. I was in. It took me a while to try a get someone, but finally I got Te Ana (Tyla’s cousin ) It took her awhile but in the end she got Kingston (Tyla’s cousin) While he was in he went to go get Tyla but he fell into the bed because the bed had no matress so he fell and banged his back in the metal part. It looked sore.
Soon we had a Disco of our own in Kaiden’s room (Tyla’s Brother). Te Ana came into the room and she had a flashlight on her phone so we used it. We turned the light off, turned on the music and the flashlight and Te Ana waved it while she danced! We were dancing for ages. Soon it was time for Te Ana and her sister to go. I felt tired.
When we were going to sleep we watched a movie but I fell asleep in the middle of it. When I woke up I saw that the movie was still on but then I realised it had started all over again.
The next morning everyone had woken up except for Kaiden. He was still sleeping.
For breakfast we had sausages. I had some curry and rice too. Soon I went withTyla and Kaiden to go get a haircut.We went down to G.I.
As soon as we arrived back it was time for me to go home.”Bye!” I yelled to Tyla while getting in the car. “I had a awesome time” I said to myself.

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