Saturday, May 28, 2011

20 Hour Famine : Part 2, Game Night

When me and Tyla arrived we rushed quickly off to the library. That's where everyone was. We put our bags down and waited until Ms Tele'a came. She soon arrived.

"Ok, you guys are going to go in the ICT room" she said. We were waiting for a girl from the World Vision. While we waited we had to visit the World Vision site or post a blog post. We walked quietly down to the ICT room and found us a computer. We had to be in pairs. I wasn't in one, so I got the whole computer to myself, for a while. Suddenly Gloria came. We were now partners. I wrote a post. Soon everyone was huddling around Litia and Vivvienne's computer. "I wonder what their doing?" I said to Gloria. "Let's have a look" she replied. We walked over to their computer and had a look. They were playing on a website where you would take a photo and then edit it to make it look all funny. Their's was hillarious! A few minutes after that the lady came. When she arrived we got into 3 groups. Then we walked to the hall.

There she gave us our village names. Next she told us what our health and all that stuff. Our health came second out of 3. Soon it was time to play our games.

First was a course. We had to jump over a bread carton then crawl under some chairs the stand carefully on a chair while spinning then turn back, walk over the chairs and then jump. That was the first game.

The second game was a hunting one. We had to run around the hall loooking for rice. It was FUN! In each team one person had to be the mother while the rest of us seeked rice. No one managed to fill the whole cup. I mean it wasn't that big.

Finally the last game was a team game. We all had to work together. Each team got 3 feet with questions on them. The challenge was to be the first team to get over to the other side of the hall. for this challenge we did pretty good. I can't remeber who won though. The trick was 2 people per trip. In the end we did it.

Soon it was time to go back to the library. There we watched some little clips about who we are doing this for. After that it was time for the lady to leave. After she left we watched Hook. When it finished it was time for bed.

"Time to wake up!" yelled Mrs Tele'a. It was time to pack up and get all our stuff together. Once we did that we headed out to the breeze to wait for our parents. I had FUN!!!

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  1. Hi Kaycee,
    you have a really thoughtful paragraph. I really like how you explained who came and what you went there to the ICT for. You need to cheek that you have complex and simple sentences.


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