Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Some scientists and mathematicians in the Ancient Greek world were not as good as Archimedes. Now you are probably wondering who Archimedes is. Well, he was one of the last great mathematicians. In the Ancient Greek days he was known as a inventor and a mathematicians. He wasn’t just known as an inventor and a mathematicians he was also known as a wise master.
Archimedes was born in Syracuse Sicly in 287 Bc. Archimedes probably got his interest of mathematicians from his dad, Phidias. He was a astronomer. He was consumed of solving problems that sometimes he forgot to eat.

One invention that he invented was the claw. It was invented in 214 Bc. It was used for potential invasions from the Roman Ships. It contained 2 poles, a pulley system and a large hook. It would lift the ship then sink it with the big arm

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