Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lincoln Pin Bowling

Hooray We’re going bowling !!! . As we arrived at Pins Bowling, my brother, my cousin and I got all excited! “I haven't gone bowling in ages” I said to my Nana. When we asked the receptionist she told us that they were booked for a while, so we got something to eat. As soon as we finished it was time for our turn. We were in lane 4.

This was game 1and I was first. As I picked up the ball I felt it was too heavy so I grabbed one that was just right. Size 8. When I rolled it went crooked at first but then started straighten up. In the end I knocked 4. It was my brother’s turn now and he missed on both turns. “TuAriki “ I yelled because it was his turn. On his turn he used the bar things so it was easier. Finally it was my Nana’s turn. She had played before lots of time but she only scored 3 points. In the end my cousin , TuAriki , won at 111 points.

“ Next game ” I shouted. We started to play but then TuAriki threw to many bowling balls that the pin bars got stuck. We got the person at the back to fix it. It took a while but I was playing games. I played Buggy Bear. You would have to throw balls through the stomach and then the more points the more tokens to play more games.

“ Yay “ I shouted , it was fixed. We had to start at my Nana’s turn because the arrow was pointing to her name. My first turn was horrible I missed on both turns but then I started to get better points as I went along.My final score was 73. Zane ( my brother ) got 30. My Nana got 58 and TuAriki ( my cousin ) got 40. So int he end I won Game 2.

I had an awesome time! It was so FUN!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My acrostic Poem about Jorja-Rose

Jokes around
On time
Always finish's it off
Respect's other people
Obviously cute!
She is smart
Excellent at listening

How a poisonus snake bites

Have you ever wondered how a poisonous snake bites?A poisonous snake carries it’s venom in two poison sacs.The sacs are next to the two upper jaws. The two sacs are also next to the snakes teeth we call fangs. The two fangs are connected to the two sacs.The poison runs from the sacs to the two fangs.The poison runs in the middle. The moment the snake bites, the poison is forced through the flesh into the body. You'd better watch out!

Friday, April 8, 2011


On Friday Glee performed. They were really good. The first performance was for the teachers.The second one was for the kids. The first one was a drama sort of one.Chante was the ballerina in the middle. When the music started she started to dance while Mrs.M did a moari sort of chant.It was so cool.In the second performance Lepa did a rap and the dancing was sort of different.I thought that the Glee’s performance was great. I really hope I can join next term!

Starting Camp

Camp was so FUN! When camp started we all brought our stuff in the morning and then we left it for the night then the next day It was time to start CAMP!
Arriving the next day I excitedly walked to my class.As soon as I got there we went to the hall and talked about all the activities.Mr. Burt told us all of the things we are doing and what we have to do at camp.When he finished telling us about all of the things he told us witch group’s we’re in and then it was time to go!
Walking unsteadily to Mr.Marks he told us witch tent we are in.Carefully moving around the tents I looked for my name on one of the tent’s.Finally I found my tent.I was sharing a tent with Ashlee and Porscha.Entering the tent it was so hot.As soon as we found the tent we had to set up our stuff and then go sit down next to the point board.Not long after I started, Porscha arrived.When Ashlee arrived we were half done.As we finished up, we got Ms King to come and check and she thought it looked great!I decided to go and see Tyla, Jonita and Jorja because they were int he same tent.I couldn't wait till we started camp activities.

Swimarama Hydroslide

While people carefully walked up the steep steps trying not to slip from the top you could hear echoing.Walking unsteadily,you could hear all this chatter coming from the top.At the top of the steep stairs were lots of people lined up for the slide.They were screaming with excitement.
Speeding down the pitch black tunnel people would toss and turn when it came to corners.Also when corners came people would swerve to the side and it would feel like you might bump your head.While your speeding down the tunnel water splashes up on to your face.
Tumbling out the end people slid down the end sometimes out head first and sometimes feet first.It was so much FUN!

Skate Land

Entering the rink, I could feel myself starting to wobble.I wasn't that keen because I haven't skated in 2 years! Rolling precariously I thought I was going to fall because the floor was so smooth! Moving unsteadily around the edge of the rink, I started to get use to skating.As I glided out to the middle someone flew right past me nearly tripping me over.As I got over to the side I yelled “Gabriel!!!’’.Gliding around the rink I started to get the hang of it.
Confidently skating around me and some other girls had races.After that the man that worked there would play sounds like’’woooowooooo’’that would mean the chicken wing.He would play lots of different sounds.
When the races began me and Porscha were the only ones that would race out of the girls.It was cool but I came not far from Porscha.Porscha won.We had alot of fun racing even though there were only two of us!
Unfortunately it was time to go to our next activity. I really enjoyed Skate Land and I would really like to go there for my next birthday.It was so fun!