Friday, April 8, 2011

Starting Camp

Camp was so FUN! When camp started we all brought our stuff in the morning and then we left it for the night then the next day It was time to start CAMP!
Arriving the next day I excitedly walked to my class.As soon as I got there we went to the hall and talked about all the activities.Mr. Burt told us all of the things we are doing and what we have to do at camp.When he finished telling us about all of the things he told us witch group’s we’re in and then it was time to go!
Walking unsteadily to Mr.Marks he told us witch tent we are in.Carefully moving around the tents I looked for my name on one of the tent’s.Finally I found my tent.I was sharing a tent with Ashlee and Porscha.Entering the tent it was so hot.As soon as we found the tent we had to set up our stuff and then go sit down next to the point board.Not long after I started, Porscha arrived.When Ashlee arrived we were half done.As we finished up, we got Ms King to come and check and she thought it looked great!I decided to go and see Tyla, Jonita and Jorja because they were int he same tent.I couldn't wait till we started camp activities.

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