Monday, August 29, 2011

The Digestive System Extension

In the past few weeks we have been learning about a healthy persons body. We have been looking at what our food does when we eat it and what it goes through. Next we might look at what a unhealthy persons body.

Our extension group had to get into a group but we all had to have different body systems. So our group was Me, Jonita, Isara, Crusader, Makerita and Wyatt. My part was the stomach and in the stomach it is where the acid is mixed with food. Find out more by watching our movie! We hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rugby History

Do you know how the rugby ball became an oval? Well up until the 1800’s people would use a raw pigs bladder for a rugby ball! Do you know what a pigs bladder is? It is where the pigs urine is! It is unhygienic and also had a disgusting smell! Even thought it was a nonstandard size they would still use it. Once they had got the pigs bladder they would wash it then put their mouths around the hole and blow air into it. But sometimes the would use a pipe. Then that’s what they used for a rugby ball.

In England at a school called Rugby School there was a boy named William Webb Ellis. One day while playing soccer he picked up the ball, in fine disregard for the rules, and ran to get a try. That was the day rugby was born, well sort of.

The Auckland Snow

Drifting slowly to the ground was a small snow flurry. It lightly landed on the ground of town. Because here in Auckland we only ever have snow about 3 times a century, people made a big fuss. It was caused by a polar blast that came from the Antarctic.

The Liver

Do you know what the liver is? Well, the liver is where the food gets broken down. It gets broken down so the food can proceed. But the liver doesn't just have 1 job, it has over 500 jobs! Another job is warming the blood.
The liver is also known as the biggest organ in our body. Some people say it can look like a small melon. In a humans body it is on the right-hand side.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Today is the 1st day of Term 3 and on the 1st day of term we always have an Immersion Assembly. Do you know what an Immersion Assembly is? Well it is where the teachers normally dress-up and do a performance based on the Term topic. Our topic is “Keep Your Eye On The Ball”.

“Ireland!!!” yelled Mr Jacobson while I was walking in. He was dressed in a green cape, green wig, green shirt, green pants and he even painted his face. Also when I walked in I saw Litia and Rita carrying a box each with paper bags in them. I wondered what they were?

As soon as I sat down I saw fizzy drinks and chips. I wondered what they were for? Soon Mr Burt told us what was in the bags and why the fizzy and chips were there. In the bags were hot chips and a sausage. “mmm.... Yum!” I said to myself. But to get 1 of these things you had to have a ticket and the way you got the ticket was to sit up nicely. When you got a ticket you put your hand up and waited until 1 of the vendors came and handed you either a packet of chips, a drink or hot chips and sausage. Unfortunately I didn’t get a ticket. Anyway after that Mr Burt announced that it was time for Team 1 then Team 2 and then Team 3.

Team 3 performed a weet-bix eating competition. Mrs Barks was the host of the competition. She called out the 3 countries which were France, New Zealand and Canada. Next they had to find a partner from the audience and they would help them. Since the competitors weren't allowed to use their hands the helpers had to spoon the weet-bix into their mouths for them. Guess who won. New Zealand!

My favourite act was Team 3. I thought all the acts were good. I still wish I got 1 of the tickets and got something to eat during assembly.