Monday, August 1, 2011

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Today is the 1st day of Term 3 and on the 1st day of term we always have an Immersion Assembly. Do you know what an Immersion Assembly is? Well it is where the teachers normally dress-up and do a performance based on the Term topic. Our topic is “Keep Your Eye On The Ball”.

“Ireland!!!” yelled Mr Jacobson while I was walking in. He was dressed in a green cape, green wig, green shirt, green pants and he even painted his face. Also when I walked in I saw Litia and Rita carrying a box each with paper bags in them. I wondered what they were?

As soon as I sat down I saw fizzy drinks and chips. I wondered what they were for? Soon Mr Burt told us what was in the bags and why the fizzy and chips were there. In the bags were hot chips and a sausage. “mmm.... Yum!” I said to myself. But to get 1 of these things you had to have a ticket and the way you got the ticket was to sit up nicely. When you got a ticket you put your hand up and waited until 1 of the vendors came and handed you either a packet of chips, a drink or hot chips and sausage. Unfortunately I didn’t get a ticket. Anyway after that Mr Burt announced that it was time for Team 1 then Team 2 and then Team 3.

Team 3 performed a weet-bix eating competition. Mrs Barks was the host of the competition. She called out the 3 countries which were France, New Zealand and Canada. Next they had to find a partner from the audience and they would help them. Since the competitors weren't allowed to use their hands the helpers had to spoon the weet-bix into their mouths for them. Guess who won. New Zealand!

My favourite act was Team 3. I thought all the acts were good. I still wish I got 1 of the tickets and got something to eat during assembly.

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