Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Recount

Can you guess how many kids we had come to our school camp? There were 165 children from years 5 and 6 all squeezed into 56 tents on the Pt England school field.  I couldn’t wait!

I wrote a post about what I was looking forward to and what I was most worried about. The thing I was most looking forward to was the Top Teams challenge but guess what! My favourite thing was my worst thing. It was kayaking.

I didn’t like doing camp cooking. I wanted to do campfire like the boys but we weren't allowed to. When I wrote my other post I said the thing I was most worried about was the concert. It turned out alright thought.

One thing I found amusing was when I tipped the kayak. While I was kayaking in a single boat I collided into one of my friends. Suddenly TIP!!  Over went the kayak, the water was freezing, but I was so pleased that it was shallow. I quickly tipped it back over and jumped back in.

I had a goal for camp. It was to be a great team leader and have an amazing performance. I think I achieved the goal to have a great performance because we came 2nd.

I had an AMAZING camp. I felt great but sad at the same time when we had to leave because I didn’t want to go. It was fun though! I can’t wait until next year.

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