Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lincoln Pin Bowling

Hooray We’re going bowling !!! . As we arrived at Pins Bowling, my brother, my cousin and I got all excited! “I haven't gone bowling in ages” I said to my Nana. When we asked the receptionist she told us that they were booked for a while, so we got something to eat. As soon as we finished it was time for our turn. We were in lane 4.

This was game 1and I was first. As I picked up the ball I felt it was too heavy so I grabbed one that was just right. Size 8. When I rolled it went crooked at first but then started straighten up. In the end I knocked 4. It was my brother’s turn now and he missed on both turns. “TuAriki “ I yelled because it was his turn. On his turn he used the bar things so it was easier. Finally it was my Nana’s turn. She had played before lots of time but she only scored 3 points. In the end my cousin , TuAriki , won at 111 points.

“ Next game ” I shouted. We started to play but then TuAriki threw to many bowling balls that the pin bars got stuck. We got the person at the back to fix it. It took a while but I was playing games. I played Buggy Bear. You would have to throw balls through the stomach and then the more points the more tokens to play more games.

“ Yay “ I shouted , it was fixed. We had to start at my Nana’s turn because the arrow was pointing to her name. My first turn was horrible I missed on both turns but then I started to get better points as I went along.My final score was 73. Zane ( my brother ) got 30. My Nana got 58 and TuAriki ( my cousin ) got 40. So int he end I won Game 2.

I had an awesome time! It was so FUN!

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