Friday, June 24, 2011

Stanley Steamer

When the American twins, Francis and Freelan Stanley attended a local fair, a French inventor, who had invented a steam-driven car, was demonstrating it. Interestingly after seeing this the brothers decided to invent a steam car of their own. They would call it the Stanley Steamer. The Stanley Steamer was the best-known and best-selling car from 1896-1924. Between 1899-1905 the Stanley Steamer outsold all the gasoline cars. Did you know that in 1906 the land speed record was broke by a Stanley Steamer driven by Fred Marriott. The speed was 204 kilometers per hour!

The Stanley Steamer had positives and negatives. One positive thing was if something went wrong with you Stanley Steamer you could take it straight back. One more thing was that compared to most of the other cars at the time it was the fastest most easiest to start and cleanest. But other manufactures spread rumors about the Stanley Steamer blowing up and killing people. It wasn’t just good things going around there were quite a few negatives.

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