Friday, September 21, 2012

PES Olympics

Finally the day had come! Making my way out to the court I could see a line for my country... JAMAICA. As I sat down, I could hear everyone chanting out their country’s. Just like the real olympics we marched around the court and as soon as we finished the march, THE GAMES BEGUN!

Entering the hall, I looked around and suddenly knew that we were playing Sitting Volleyball. We split up into 2 groups and sat down. Not long after us another country arrived and they were France. Tyla was in this team. “Hit it!” I heard someone shout. Without warning the ball was heading straight for me, I didn’t manage to hit it. Soon I was the server. It hit it towards Tyla and she hit it back to someone in my team. It went back and forth a few time until someone won the point. Overall the score was 4-5 to France. I hoped our next event would be better.

There were many events like, Touch, 3 Legged Soccer, Basketball and more! Soon we got to play rounders which is like Cricket and Baseball. We had to kick a ball and then run to the base. Unfortunately I didn’t get around. Someone got me out when I was just about to get a home run! When the game finished we scored 10 points for sportsmanship. I don’t know if we won or not.

I had a really fun day and I can’t wait to have another sports day like this.

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