Thursday, September 13, 2012

Duffy Books!!!

 Here are my Duffy books that I got from the great people at Buckland's Beach Lions Club. I chose 2 books which are called "Cherry Blossom Adventure" and "Stego-Snottysaurus". 

Cherry Blossom Adventure is written by the well known Thea Stilton. Geronimo Stilton's sister. It's about 5 girls named Nicky, Colette, Violet, Paulina and Pamela going to China on a cultural exchange program. While they are there a special item is stolen from their friends family. The question is, will they be able to find the thief?...

The other book I got is Stego-Snottysaurus and it is written by Kyle Mewburn and Donovan Bixley. It is about a boy named Arg. He try's to stop a dinosaur from having the flu. He has to find a solution or else!


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