Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Samoan Disaster

In a small village in Samoa, three kids were getting ready for school. Sina, their mum, was doing Ana’s hair in a bun, but Ana really wanted it in a plait. She was also trying to get the boys, Niko and Mika ready is well. At the same time she had to feed the baby. Suddenly, out of nowhere something happened.

Ana was ready to leave when an earthquake hit, these weren’t uncommon, so everyone soon got back to their morning routine. Walking along the beach to school, Ana noticed that the water was quickly going out, out so far that they could see the reef.

Shouting out to her brothers, there in front of her was the biggest wave she had ever seen! Niko grabbed Ana’s arm and yelled TSUNAMI. They ran to a hill and climbed and climbed until Ana was pulled away by the water. Her brother found a branch and held tightly to it while he pulled Ana to safety.

Luckily after the tragedy causing the tsunami wave, everyone was safe and together. That night they slept on a woven mat far away from the sea and their home.

This story is based on a true disaster that happened in 2009.

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  1. Hey Kaycee,

    I feel really sorry for my country. Lucky me, when I lived there, I lived in a mountain called Vaoala.
    It is really sad for them, getting ready for school then suddenly a TSUNAMI came!



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