Thursday, July 25, 2013

Holiday Highlight: Part 1

So the holidays are about to end and to be honest, I wasn't very impressed with what I did really, ( Except for one little thing that happened ) Nothing much happened the first week, just a little trip to the mall. As for the second, I went............

SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING! Once again I got to enjoy the snow on Mt Ruapehu. But this time I got to get a look at the Turoa Ski Field. We were staying with a few friends at a house 20 minutes away from the snow! It was pretty cool and there were some beautiful views. 

On the second day, I was woken up by an earthquake! I was pretty surprised being it was the first earthquake I have ever felt! Two other people had been woken up by it too. So I went and sat with them. Anyway, back to the snow. Today we were going up the mountain, but first we hired our gears. Along with everyone else, except for Zane, I got skis. 

Soon we drove up to the mountain and when we reached the fourth parking spot we were above the clouds. There was an amazing view! In front of me there was a long line of clouds and just above them was the sun. After staring at it for a while we finally caught the shuttle to the Skiing and Snowboarding area. 

Straight away, I got on my gears and skied down the mountain. After a while I decided to try and get Gabi to do it and in the end she did! It was really fun and I bet it was a great experience for my cousin. Since he has never ever touched snow. Getting closer and closer to the Magic Carpet I slowed down and joined the line. I hadn't been on the Magic Carpet in a while now. It felt good to be back!


  1. I am envious of the ski trip Kaycee! What a fun experience. No wonder the rest of the holidays felt dull in comparison

    See you Monday

    Mrs Burt

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip Kaycee! I was also at Mt Ruapehu in the holidays! Keep up the hard work on your blog!
    I hope you enjoy the upcoming school holidays.

    Mrs Erasmus.


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