Thursday, July 25, 2013

Royal Baby: George Alexander Louis

Everywhere I go, I hear something about 'A Royal Baby' For a while I had NO idea of what everyone was talking about. Literally. Why? Well because not many people in my family were talking about it and normally I hear stuff from them. Anyway... Just recently, Kate Middleton and Prince William have had there first child. A baby boy. They have also just revealed the Princes name. George Alexander Louis. 

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  1. Cool name for the Prince. I wish they had a girl so they could call her Diana. Anyway, I saw 2 mistakes in your writing. Have a look and see if you can spot them? I will give you a clue. 1) There is a word that sounds the same but can be spelt 2 ways and means 2 different things. 2) an apostrophe is missing from a word. Happy hunting.


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