Monday, September 23, 2013

Outlook For Someday Workshop. Amamauls Studios

What a great opportunity it was to have two of the OUTLOOK FOR SOMEDAY representatives do a workshop with a class of students from Pt England School. It is definitely something worth remembering.

During the lesson, Elie and Chris taught us about the OUTLOOK FOR SOMEDAY as well as much much more including the variety of genre’s, the different shots and also the different angles.

Before we started we got into groups. In my group was Tyla, Lisia, Jorja and I. To start off, Elie and Chris introduced the competition itself. They explained how it works, how you can enter and what you can enter. They also showed us a few of the winning movie from the year before.

After this we were given some quotes, puzzle pieces and pictures. Then we chose one favourite and stood up to explain why we liked it. As soon as we finished that, we started to talk about some idea’s for a movie.

Once our planning was finished we got to create a movie ourselves. My group and I chose to make a quick movie about sustaining the environment.

So on behalf of the year 7 and 8 students from Pt England school, we thank you for teaching us skills and techniques that will definitely be worth remembering. Also thanks for the DVD!

Outlook for Someday Workshop@ Pt England School from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Here is the movie we made with Elie and Chris.


  1. Hey Kaycee! My name is Victoria Elizabeth Williams and I am a student at the University of South Alabama, US! I am pursuing a degree in elementary education and will be a teacher before long. First off, I want to say that your blog looks extremely creative, I love your background. I loved your background so much that I went and found a new background for my own blog! I think that it is fabulous that your school has allowed others to come in and perform workshops so that all the students can learn. I did not have this opportunity to learn like you all have had the choice too. I love the video that you and your friends put together on what you learned and took away from the workshop. Keep up the hard work, it pays off I promise! Feel free to check out my blog at
    I hope you like my background! I really enjoyed listening to all you and your classmates accents. I am sure every one of you would be thrilled to here mine.

  2. Hello Kaycee! I'm also a student from the University of South Alabama, the same as Victoria. I'm studying Secondary Math Education as my undergraduate degree, and I have the pleasure to see and comment on your blog! It's looks absolutely wonderful; you've done a great job.

    I had not heard of the competition "Outlook for Someday." By reading your post and some more info online, I can tell it's a great cause and is a lot of fun to participate in. I'm not much of a movie maker, yet even someone like me could submit a video from a smart phone or laptop, which is pretty cool! Your post is very thorough and extremely well written, what with an introduction about your topic and telling us about your group brainstorming. I must say, kudos to you! I feel like your entire blog is super organized and really enjoyable to look at and wander around.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog! If you would like to check out mine, which is not nearly as stellar as yours, head on over to:
    Keep it up, Kaycee! And enter that video contest and win before I do!


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