Monday, October 21, 2013


Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holiday that is celebrated on November the first. People used to celebrate this event, and some still, by dressing up in costumes and lighting a bonfire. This was supposed to ward off the spirits.

Now, most people celebrate this event by dressing up as ‘scary’ characters. They also go knocking on doors, asking for lollies by saying “Trick or Treat!”

Halloween was not the original name for this event. It originated as All Saints Day but as years passed, the name, All Saints Day turned to All Hallows Eve. Nowadays we call it Halloween.

People believed that the night before Halloween, October the 31st, Samhain would summon spirits, witches and wicked souls. Since these people were afraid of the spirits they chose to sacrifice to their gods, hoping that this would protect them. On that day, they believed that they were surrounded by witches, spirits, souls, ghosts and much more that came to hurt them.

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