Monday, June 17, 2013

A Short Narrative

It was a cold, dark and gloomy night. I stumbled upon an abandoned hut deep in the heart of the forest. I was just about to enter the hut when suddenly I hear a crackling sound behind me.

Scared to find out what it was I flicked on my torch and slowly turned around. Finding that there were two small eyes staring right at me, I tried to stay as still as a stick. “It could be anything” I thought to myself.

The creature stood and stared for at least five minutes before it decided to walk closer to me. Making my nerves shiver up my spine, I slowly stepped back towards the hut.

“Just stay calm” I repeated to myself “Just stay calm”. The small creature was still walking towards me before it suddenly stopped and screeched at the sound of a branch snapping. “It was only me” I whispered.

Taking no more chances to with this small creature, I decided to shine the light to find out what it was. Slowly pointing the torch towards the small eyes I gasped to find that it was just a lost and scared baby bear.

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