Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Extension

Here is a quick list of what I notice around Halloween time. 

People give out treats.
Dress Up
Jack O lanterns
“Scary” Costumes and Decorations
Evil Characters
“Trick Or Treat”
Toffee Apples
Going around asking for lollies
Horror Theme
Junk Food
Haunted Theme
Crazy Costumes and Decorations
Day of the Dead

And here is something about what I think Halloween is a little bit about.

Halloween is a time where everyone dresses up to go ‘Trick Or Treating’ Most people tend to dress up in crazy costumes and pretend to act like dead and evil characters. It seems that people are celebrating the death of people.

Now time for a few things that I have learnt about.

The saying ‘Trick Or Treat’ first came from people who asked for soul cakes. It started on All Souls Day when priests asked Christians to pray for the souls that had been stuck in another world, Purgatory. A netherworld that was in between Heaven and Hell. In return for prayers for souls in Purgatory, bakers would give soul cakes. If enough people prayed for one soul, they might have a chance at getting out. 

On May the 13th, Romans believed that the dead would rise. To prevent this from happening, they would pour milk and offer cakes. This was called Lemuria. After time passed, Lemuria, was christianised into All Saints Day. All Saints day was a day where they would acknowledge the holy and dead christians. Then later on, this day was actually moved to November the 1st as it was a big success. It was also moved to suck the life out of the Samhain Harvest Festival.

The name Samhain Harvest Festival changed to All Hallows Evening as it was the night before All Hallows Day. All Hallows Evening then changed to All Hallows Eve, then finally Halloween.

There was also a Celtic Calendar that has not only a light side but also a dark side. Celtic people would celebrate a festival called Samhain.

So there's a little bit of information about how Halloween came about.

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  1. Hey Kaycee,

    Great work finding out about the origins of Halloween. Did you go out trick or treating? You've put a lot of information into this piece of writing but could it be ordered better? Perhaps from beginning to end or head back from present day to Samhain?

    Keep it up :) Mr. Hutchings


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