Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Aspirations

On Thursday, the intermediate group got the opportunity to meet and hear from some inspirational people that had turned their dreams into reality. We gathered into the hall for a Future Aspiration Speech with our guests, Mosa, Emma, Aysha, Tristan and Caine.

Twelve years old and heading off to university next year is the young Tristan Pang. His passion is science and maths. He believes that being nosy is good and that “Quest if Fun!”

Mosa was an amazing speaker and his words were inspiring. He was really funny and just like the other speakers he told us about his dream and how he got there. He said we were pretty lucky to have the technology we have. His dream was to become a politic so he can change the lives for Maori and Polynesian families. “Chase your dream and catch it” was his motto.

Since I love travelling, I aspire to be a travelling journalist when i’m older. Hearing from these people was amazing, I think it will help me to pursue my dream.

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  1. Hi Kaycee, I'm glad that your visitors inspired you. Your future aspiration sounds cool. I hope I can come for the ride :-)


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