Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Surfing Dog

So I'm on a blue surfboard, wearing a wig and a life jacket at 11 o'clock in the morning, during winter. Why? Well, a few days ago someone mentioned surfing to my owner, which by the way was a bad idea.

Early this morning, he put me in the car and drove off to the nearest beach. There were many other surfers already out there, including dogs too. With my eyes still half shut he pulled me out of the car and took me to the shore.

Strapping me to the board, I lay down and close my eyes.Suddenly I heard “Time to surf!”.“OH NO!” I thought. Knowing I couldn't back out, Bob dragged the surfboard into the water. I knew my owner was crazy but I didn't think that he would do this.

Waves started crashing on the surfboard which made all my fur soaking wet. The first wave was tiny. It was alright besides from the fact that I was dripping wet. “Let’s try some bigger waves!” Bob said as he watched the gigantic incoming wave. Staring at the sight in front of me, I quickly became horrified. Turning to see the other surfers hopping out of the water, I barked at my owner. “Calm Down....” he said. I froze.

Readying the surfboard, the wave was just behind us. “Woohoo!” shouted Bob. The wave picked us up and we surfed through the barrel. It looked amazing, I stood up when, the barrel started closing up and all the happy screams silenced. I looked around and saw no sight of my owner. Knowing I had to do something, I walked to the tip of the board and tried to swerve it to the side.

Working quickly, I luckily got out. The last of the wave pushed me to the shore. “YAY!” I heard from the shore. Looking relieved and happy all the other surfers cheered. On the way back I saw my owner swimming back to shore. Glad, I sighed. A few days later I saw myself on the news. That was when I decided to take on surfing as a sport. Bob wasn't too keen.

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  1. Great Job Kaycee! You really got me hooked in, in your introduction. Probably my favourite paragraph is the 4th. In that paragraph, you had detail and used interesting words. Through out the whole story, I was able to imagine everything in my head because of your amazing and clear plot! Keep it up!



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