Monday, March 4, 2013

The Black Hole

Stuck at work, Bob was working with the photocopier when it suddenly became muddled. Frustrated with it, he bangs and kicks it until a mysterious piece of paper with a black circle prints out.

Bob takes no notice of this black circle and simply places it to the side and continues to print. Putting his coffee cup down, it suddenly disappears down the black hole. He reaches down the hole for the cup and places it on the nearby table.

He then examines the piece of paper by reaching through it. To test its powers, he walks towards the vending machine and wonders “This piece of paper could make me rich!” So placing the paper on the vending machine Bob reaches through the hole and grabs a chocolate bar. Then he heads to the main office.

Placing the paper on the door, he reaches through and opens the locked door. “The Safe” he thinks to himself. Rushing over to it, he sticks the paper up and greedily takes out handfuls of money. Wanting more, he climbs into the black hole knowing that is more bundles of money at the back of the safe but unfortunately the weight of Bob was too heavy for the tape to hold. It falls off the safe and Bob is locked in there..

BANG BANG BANG. He cried for help, but with no response, he was stuck in there.

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