Thursday, March 28, 2013


Everyone knows how the Easter Story goes and everyone knows that Easter is about Jesus, Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs. But haven’t you ever wondered how Easter Eggs came around? They are now a big part of Easter and most people don’t know why?

Well, after doing some research, I found out that when you give Easter Eggs you are celebrating new life and apparently this tradition has been around for hundreds of years. Many other cultures do believe otherwise though.

You may think something else but this is what I found out!

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  1. Dear Kaycee,
    You're right. Easter eggs were given to others on this day as a promise of spring and new life. The hard egg is the tomb that held Jesus and, just as an egg will in time, when it broke it gave way to a new life. There are many different ways to decorate these as well: some cultures use paints or stains while others use candle wax. There are even some who can sew decorated Easter eggs from clothes and they all are beautiful. I am glad that you wanted to learn more about an event that is seen as a common practice because history is all around, waiting for us to ask why. I hope that you keep look for the history behind other events and continue to share them with us all. Good job and good luck!
    Cari Raymond


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