Friday, March 15, 2013

100 Word Story

Driving along the muddy road with my brother wasn't the most pleasant trip but it was better than going through the forest, with who knows what living there. “Slow down!!!” I scream at Zane. “You’re going to make us get stuck in a dip!” But no, he wouldn't listen. Racing through the mud, a mix of bugs and dirt splashed up onto the windscreen. Suddenly, Zane screeches to a stop and stares at the animal going past. Once it passes he stomps on the pedal and finds that we haven’t moved. I get out and see that we are stuck.


  1. Hey Kaycee

    It's not much fun getting stuck in the mud, have you ever seen someone get stuck? would you know how to get them out?

    Awesome short story :)

    Mr. Hutchings

  2. Hey Kaycee,
    That is a very exciting story that hooked me in from the beginning. Its got some good describing words and it is very short and snappy. :)
    Missing you lots,


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