Monday, March 18, 2013

10 Sentences About A Surfing Dog

Miss King gave us a task to write ten sentences about a picture. The picture was a dog, wearing a wig, a life jacket and surfing. Anyway, here are my sentences.
1. "Is that a surfing dog?"
2. While I was at the beach, I noticed a ridiculously looking dog on a blue surfboard.
3. On top of the surfboard, the dog balanced on all four paws.
4. Unfortunately the dog slipped and fell into the drifting waves.
5. Tiredly paddling towards shore, the dog's wig slipped off.
6. Attempting to get back on the board, a big wave made him lose his grip.
7. Floating smoothly in the water, the dog got closer and closer to shore.
8. Extreme and weird, are two words that many people use to describe my dog.
9. "What a brave dog", I think.
10. Skilfully paddling back to shore, I smile.

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