Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guy Fawkes!!!

It was a spectacular night filled with booms and amazing coulors! My family and I had a box of fireworks to light. My brother had to come out of his room to light them . He didn't want to though. I couldn't wait until the big ones that go up and BOOM! We waited on the deck. As the first one shot up I thought to myself " Oh... The NOISY ones!!!" They were loud and it was smokey! My mum and baby cousin were inside watching through the window.

My favourite fireworks are the ones that spin on the ground. My cousin and brother were calling them beyblades! We hung them up on the washing line and watched them spin. It was like a shower! 

After they were finished we used the sparklers! My nana bought lots of packets and some of the looong ones. It was ages until they were finished, but once they were it was around 10 o' clock.

I really like watching the pretty coulors!

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