Friday, November 18, 2011

Hills and Stars!

As we boarded the bus, I said to myself “I can’t wait until we get to Maungakiekie!” Room 14 were going to Stardome! We were going to learn more about our solar system.

Arriving at the entrance to Stardome, I jumped out the door and onto the nice green grass. We sat in a nice grassy spot and ate our lunch. After finishing, we had to WALK up Maungakiekie. "Oh..." ,I groaned as I packed up my stuff.

Each step I took I felt like had just finished Cross Country!!! My legs were exhausted! “I’m tired!” I moaned.

Finally we had reached the top of Maungakiekie. I was so glad. Being buffeted by the wind was so NICE. There were magnificent views of Auckland. We then walked to the crater.

Once we got to the crater we had a play around. I walked around the outside watching everyone playing with the rocks. Looking down at the lava rocks and rocks, I thought "That look's FUN". Sliding down the steep hill, covered with sticks and poo, I tried to avoid the poo. My friends aunty was then looking for my friend so I helped. Guess where she was??? Behind the trees and playing a game with a little pond she’d found and some rocks. She was trying to get the rocks in the pond. Next I went up top more and saw Isara peeking in a hole. I went over. He saw me. He said “ There’s rabbits in there!” “Are you sure?” I said back. When he put his hand in he said there was something fluffy. Soon later he found a head skeleton. "A birds one???" I thought. Following everyone down to the middle of the crater they TRIED to make a fire. "Time to go!" yelled Mrs Squires.

Walking back down to the park, I whispered to my friend "What do you have for lunch?" She said she had some yum sticks that were coated with strawberry icing.

Finally going to the Stardome our teacher was Petra. She was our host. First she took us in a theatre.

We watched a movie called THE CARDBOARD ROCKET. There were reclining seats. The screen looked so realistic. We started to explore the planets. We learnt alot. After this we looked around more.

We found a mirror which was curved and distorted. It looked really different.

I really liked going to Stardome. I hope to go there again. I also learnt alot more about some planets.

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