Monday, November 7, 2011

Eating Comets!

"Today we are going to make an Ice Cream Comet", announced Mrs Squires. "YUM!" I thought to myself, "Ice Cream!". Room 14 was so happy! Mrs Squires said we were making it for our Writing Experience. That meant we had to write afterwards!  

Eagerly waiting for Mrs Squires to start, she suddenly pulled out a plastic bag and some biscuits. She tipped the biscuits into the bag and then selected some people to crush them. The people chosen used the 1000's blocks. Before we knew it they were shattered into pieces! Once they were crushed Mrs Squires got out some spinkles.

Sprinkles! She carefully tipped the chocolate sprinkles into the bag with the crushed biscuits. Along with it went some 100's and 1000's. As I watched the sprnikles getting poured in, I thought to myself "Ohh... This is going to be soooo NICE!".

Now time for the Ice Cream! I held my hand out. I hoped it wasn't going to be that cold. As I scooped it out of the scooper and guess what! It was icy cold! Quickly rushing over to the dust (crushed biscuits and sprinkles) I dropped it in it. Soon it was coated with dust. My friend passed me a cone and I headed outside with Mele.

Me and my friend were slurping away. Our hands were a mess but we didn't care! It was worth it! The dust was nice! ( crushed up biscuits and sprinkles ) I kept licking and slurping. It was DELICIOUS! With a chocolatey flavour and biscuits and sprinkles! "Mmmm.... I want another one!" I said to myself. Once we finish our Ice Cream we had to sit inside. Luckily there was still some Ice Cream left and whoever came in nicely got seconds! I got seconds!

Now the Ice Cream was finished and everyone was rumaging throught the dust for more! The writing experience was FUN and YUM! I hope some other day we can have Ice Cream again! It was DELICIOUS!

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