Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cross Country!

Have you ever been in a Cross Country race? If you haven't or if you don't know what Cross Country is, then read this. Cross country is long distance running race over a wide area. Our whole school got involved in the Cross Country running competition on Wednesday.

I was sitting peacefully outside my class when suddenly, "Ring!!!" The bell rang. It was time to go to Cross Country! Unfortunately it was alright weather for running. I don’t really like Cross Country.

"GO!", shouted Mr. Burt. I started jogging at a steady pace so I wouldn’t use up my energy early on in the race. When a group of us reached the narrow shell-covered path, some of us had to stop. Instead of slowing down I weaved through the crowd. I eventually caught up to Porscha.

  I was still jogging when we got to Lepa. Then I slowed down a bit, I was beginning to feel a bit tired. Suddenly out of nowhere Lepa yelled, “Hurry up!” He also had a big stick that he was pretending to hit us with. “Hurry up!” He yelled again. So I moved out of the way and let Porscha through. “Hurry up!”, he yelled at her while jokingly poking the stick in the middle of her back. So she ran off and I followed.

As I gasped for breath I saw that we had nearly finished the race! With my last little bit of energy I raced up the hill  past the cows. Once I got in the gate Ane and I raced each other to the end. My body was so so tired! It felt like I couldn’t feel my legs. Exhausted and drained of energy, I sat down next to Porscha and flopped down to the ground.

Afterwards I realised that I had actually enjoyed the race, even though it was really hard. I can’t wait to see what the next one looks like! I hope to come maybe 3rd, 2nd or even 1st in next years one.

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