Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Whale In Trouble

Humpback whales are a very special kind of whale. Known well because of their lovely song and spectacular breaching.

While motoring out in the beautiful and glassy sea of Cortez a whale researcher, Michael Fishbach, and his family encountered a rare opportunity. They had got the chance to save one of these young humpback whale, close to death.

It was valentine’s day, Michael Fishbach and his family found a humpback which appeared to be dead. Their were no signs of life. Suddenly the whale forcefully exhaled! It was still alive though close to death.

Before long Michael Fishbach noticed that the whale was severely entangled. Frightened and fatigued the whale looked like it had not long to live. They knew that they had to do something.

1 small knife was all they had to cut the net off. Cutting furiously they finally got one of the pectoral fins out. After about 1 hour of exhausting work they finally freed Valentina(the whale).  

Once free, the whale pleased the family with a magnificent display of tail slaps and more! There were about 40 breaches! Valentina kept the family watching for about 1 hour. Then the family rode back to shore, remembering the day they saved a humpback whale.

I think the family would of thought it was the best valentines day ever!


  1. Hi Kaycee,

    I like your story and how you found out that a family saved a Humpback whale. I really enjoyed reading it and hope to read more of your stories soon.

    Yours Sincerely Jarna

  2. hi I really like your story about the Humpback Whale its very interesting.You have done a great work writing your humpback whale writing I really loved reading it .


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