Friday, September 2, 2011


Every Thursday room 14 go to the hall to have P.E. We get to play Badminton with a pro. She teaches how to hit and serve the shuttle properly.

We had to learn how to keep the shuttle airborne first. "Oh no!" I thought. I didn't think I was going to be good at this. Doing this meant learning how to hit it properly. We practised how to serve and how to hit it with our partner, trying to keep and volley of hits. It was tricky to aim so our hits went all over the place. I served one more time with a rapid hit, luckily my partner hit it. “Yes!” I yelled! But then, she hit it sideways! I stretched out my arm and reached towards the shuttle but. "NO!!!" I yelled I missed. But then...

“What was that” I said with a shock. Lorene ( our coach) had blown her whistle. That meant it was time to do something different. She said it was time for a game! For this game we all needed a racket and then had to stand in a long queue. I call this game Hit, Run and Pass. The aim of the game was to be quick when it was your turn and hit the shuttle. Lorene would stand a few lines away from us and hit shuttles constantly, we had to hit, run to the end of the queue and then pass it to the last person without a racket. If you missed the shuttle then your racket got relinquished and then you had to keep the rhythm going. “Keep hitting it”, I said to myself.

The next game was sort of like Badminton Volley Ball. We had 2 nets so the girls got 1 net and the boys got 1 net. We stood in a line and whoever didn’t hit it when it was on their side of the court or went for it but didn’t get it, you were out and the next person went and took your spot. Finally it was my turn. I jumped into Raeleen’s spot and served the shuttle over the net and right in front of Mele. “She fiercely hit it back but then Chloe missed it just by a little bit! I served it again and guess what I missed the shuttle! I was out. Next in, me out. You just had to keep going and going until the time was up. I think me and Tyla probably stayed in the game the longest!

I had fun playing these games and practising new skills. It was really fun! I hope to go again!

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