Tuesday, April 23, 2013


FiaFia was about celebrating the 60th birthday of our school and to help celebrate, each kid from our school performed in a cultural and entertaining group such as the Samoan group, Tongan, Hawaiian, Hip Hop, Unicycling and much much more. Many parents and teachers also set up stalls to sell food and sweets.

Hearing the bell ring, I look towards the door to find kids flooding through. Squeezing past them, my friend and I run to the library ready to get changed. Arriving at the library, Jorja, Tyla and I get changed into our uniforms and line up for our moko. After that we went to get our feathers and had a few practices. Now we wait for our cue. Being the first ones on it was a bit nerve racking.

Walking up the stairs, I take my place on the stage and start to wiri. While I was waiting for the whaea's call, I smiled and looked out to the humongous audience. "Hope....Takahia!" There was the call. I started our performance and started singing. We did a few songs including both a girls and boys haka, a song that would start off the juniors, and another well known song called Kei he te Tuna. Then we finished with a "Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha, PUKANA!

Rushing back to the library we got changed and sat down at the back of the other performers. This was truly a very entertaining event.

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