Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Silver Key (100 Word Story)

Awaking from my deep slumber, I slowly roll out of my cozy and warm bed into my school uniform. Peeking tiredly outside of my window, I watch my brother playing with the last few bits of frost dripping off the leaves. Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I catch a quick and blurred glimpse of something shining in the distance. Curious, I slip on my shoes and run out the door. Searching through the foggy mist, I walk towards the frost covered trees. But the only thing that I found, was a silver key lying in the frosty grass.


  1. Great job, Kaycee! Your story was VERY VERY interesting and AWESOME! During the story I could imagine everything because you used very clear text and used great vocab. KEEP IT UP!


  2. I like it! this is a story that I would want to read more of. I like the contrast too between the cozy and warm bed and the frost outside. What would the key open? Mysteries are fun to read.


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