Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Family Holiday

Our task we were given was to write a story spine. If you don't know what a story spine is then I will explain. A story spine is a story this is created by more than one person. First you have to have a main idea. The prompt I got was A Family Holiday. Then you write a beginning. Once you have done that you pass the paper to another person for them to add on. You keep on doing this until you have finished. Then you read it. Here is the Story Spine my group and I did.

Once upon a time on a bright and sunny day, the family decided to go on a holiday.
Everyday the family would go somewhere and explore. But when they got back one of the kids would have to clean the house. Only one child wouldn't.
But one day the family were going to the beach and one of the kids got left behind to clean the house.
Jealously overtook him. Unlucky for him, his favourite band The Beast was playing at the beach. His family was going.
Because of that one of the brothers started to boast because he didn’t get to go.
Without thinking, the boy left the house and went to see The Beast. Nothing would stop him.
Until finally The beast couldn’t play and was canceled. Oh no! The boy was in BIG trouble.
Ever since then the boy was grounded and could never go on family holidays again. NEVER DO WHAT HE DID!

The moral of the story is listen to your parents.

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