Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Operation Flax

It is about a girl called Freya, her mum and a lady, who just moved in called Mrs Harper. She has been having trouble getting up and down her driveway so she decides to remove the flax. This shocks Freya and her mum because they love the flax. Freya even makes syrup for the tui’s that come and her mum makes kete’s from it.

Mrs Harper feels sorry for them but doesn't change her mind. Freya and her mum then try to convince Mrs Harper to keeping it by... making syrup for the tui’s and putting on Mrs Harper’s side of the flax. Then her mum makes a kete for Mrs Harper. Suddenly along come some tui’s. Mrs Harper calls her husband to see it and soon they decide to keep it at the back of their house where Freya and her mum will be able to see and get to it.

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