Monday, November 26, 2012


Camp has just finished and now I am going to tell you about it! Arriving at Camp Bentzon we were greeted by Peter and Erin(they are the people who own Camp Bentzon) The boys also performed a haka.

I couldn't wait until our first activity started but first we had a walk to finish. Walking up the hills for around 2 hours and a half nearly killed me! As soon as we finished we had free time for the rest of the day!!!

Out of all the activities my favourite one was SAILING! Even though it was boring, with not much wind, we still had a whole heap of fun! After we geared up, Peter gave us 20 minutes of instructions, then off we went. Our aim was a boat called Typhoon. After we left the little bit of the bay, the wind started to pick up. We had races and some boys sang songs. Soon we had to get to our next activity.

Heading towards the Abseiling wall, there we met Anita and Camila. They taught us how to abseil. Before I could abseil I had to wait a while but soon it was my turn. Climbing up the metal rings I could feel my stomach turning. Finally I got to the top. Slowly walking back down, I felt like I was floating in air. When I touched the ground I wanted to do it again.

On the last night we had our concert and that is where each group performs. After everyone performed, Mr Jacobsen started to announce the winner... "In 3rd place... Mansion!!! And In 2nd place.... Katz!!! And with 4700 points Kawau and Benzon!!! I was so surprised. Also we have a camp king and queen and this year they were Tyla-Marie and Wyatt and Isara! I had a whole lot of fun! I wish I could go again. Maybe my family and I could go!

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