Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp is Coming!!!

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This image is curtesy of
Finally!!! Tomorrow most of the year 6’s will be heading to Kawau Island for a fantastic camp and experience. All the activities sound like such fun. Also sleeping in the same room as my friends will be even better.

Most people know that Camp Benzon is on Kawau Island. To get to Kawau Island you have to take a ferry from sandspit. Well, that’s how we’re getting there. It even comes all the way to our wharf!

There are many things to enjoy at Kawau Island such as the wharf, volleyball court and the park. Not to mention the activities we do. Like sailing, abseiling, orienteering and much more! But I am most looking forward to the Burma Trail!

The Burma Trail sounds like fun although I don’t know if I can trust my partner. Luckily there is a rope to guide us. I really want to do this because I do enjoy obstacle courses and being blindfolded will make it even more of a challenge.

I think the challenge for me will be orienteering because I didn't do very well in the last one at our other camp. Also I don't know how to use a compass.

Overall I think this is going to be amazing! I can’t wait until tomorrow morning!!!!

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