Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Interview with Valerie Adams

Thanks to Olympic.org.nz for this image.
Interviewer: Hello, my name is Kaycee and I am really excited to be having the well known tongan, 2 time gold medalist currently living in Auckland, fabulous world champion Shot putter, Give a round of applause for.... Valerie Adams. Hello Valerie!

Valerie Adams: Hello Kaycee

Interviewer: Now Valerie, I’ve heard that there are different spin styles to put the metal ball. Do you use more than one and if you do which ones?

Valerie Adams: I only use one and it is called the glide. It is very common for someone like me. It is not one that would be used for beginners though. Another well known style used by professional men, is the ‘spin’.

Interviewer: Thanks for that. So if you're a beginner don’t use this one. I wonder?...Are there many ways to get disqualified?

Valerie Adams: Yes there are. At the olympics once your name is called out you have to get started on the throw before 60 secs is up, otherwise you're out. Also you must step out from the back and you aren’t allowed to step out of the circle before the push is finished.

Interviewer: Wow. This event has some very strict rules. What do you need to do to train?

Valerie Adams: I probably spend most of the week I have to lift weights to get my strength up. I also have to eat special and the right foods to be able to get stronger.

Interviewer: You must spend a lot of your time with weights. Tell us about your  family?

Valerie Adams: Well, I have 1 brother who is Steven Adams, the basketball player. My mum is tongan and her name is Lilika Ngauamo. My dad is english and his name is Sydney Adams.

Interviewer: THANK-YOU Valerie for this amazing talk and we hope to see you at the next olympics!

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