Monday, August 6, 2012


Last week we got to play Basketball with a pro. He taught us different techniques and skills that we would need if we did end up playing Basketball.

First we started outside with some drills. Soon we got into pairs a got a ball. We practised different ways to bounce the ball up and down the court. Once the first person finished the next person went. We also got to go in the hall for a game.

Entering the hall I could see that there were 2 basketball hoops set up. We got to play a game called Golden Child. We split up into 2 teams. One team were the shooters and the other team were the runners. Each team had an aim and for the shooters it was to try and get as many people out by getting as many basketballs in. But for the runners, their aim was to get as many people around the court before the shooter's score. If the shooter's score the person must stop running and the next person goes. When there is only one person left he runs but when he/she passes you, you can run too. We played this game and unfortunately we lost!

I had a lot of fun at basketball! It was pretty tiring though. As much as it tiring it’s also alot of fun and I can’t wait to go again!

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